Selection of Materials for Earthquake Resistant Houses.

In addition to system construction and a good connection, earthquake resistant houses also require material that is lightweight and strong . Due to the growing weight of the building the greater the force of earthquake that happened. A simple example is the traditional home of various places in Indonesia that was more earthquake-resistant than modern homes. Home earthquake kit this is due to the material used mostly from wood and bamboo are lightweight and flexible.

Who says wood and bamboo homes are not sturdy and durable? History proves that house can last hundreds of years. Let us look too traditional Japanese houses are made of wood and bamboo can be established for hundreds of years after the quake struck dozens of times. It shows indeed wood and bamboo building materials that have been tested toughness.


Modern house in Indonesia usually use brick or concrete block as a wall material . It is brittle and inflexible make these materials do not withstand earthquakes. However, for reasons of solidity against shock, fire, wind and other security reasons many people still prefer brick walls. If you insist you must abide by the rules of earthquake-resistant structures. Some examples are:

  • Placement columns rarely practical in every 2- 3 m along the wall
  • Brick walls have to be anchors to each column within the composition 8 brick.
  • Do not install directly over the brick roof load but must be given a sufficient beam with reinforcement.
  • Foundations, walls and beams sloop is a single unit that is able to reduce the tremor.

But the current building materials technology is advancing so rapidly. In lieu of a brick wall, you can replace them with lightweight concrete aeration as the brand Hebel and Primacon. Available in the form of lightweight concrete blocks and panels that can be used for walls, floor slabs or stairs.

There is also a system of b-panel which is a new technology sandwich wall. These panels use materials b foam very lightly coated with wiremesh for flexibility in structure. Lightweight and flexible in accordance with the terms of earthquake resistant houses .

If you want to manufacture the walls of a fast, lightweight and earthquake-proof you can replace the conventional structure with a frame structure light steel wall . This structure is not only replace the function of the wall, but also replace the function of the column and can support a load of existing structures on it. Thus the use of this frame structure no longer requires the columns and beams.

For wall covering material, the exterior could use a wall panel mild steel (metal cladding), GRC, fiber cement (calsiboard) or wood. As for the inner wall could use gypsum. With a good finish outer appearance will not be much different from using conventional systems.

In addition it should also be noted the use of glass in a window, door or roof. The use of ordinary glass is very dangerous because it is likely to rupture at a time when the quake and injure the occupants. The use of tempered glass is highly recommended although it is relatively expensive. The glass is very safe because if broken fragments form a very small so it will not hurt the residents of the house. Another alternative is to use a similar sticker on the glass so that the pieces will not be directly on the floor.

For roofing material to avoid the use of concrete roof tiles or ceramic tiles are heavy. The use of roof zinkalume (a mixture of zinc and aluminum) or roof light asbestos preferred. The use of polycarbonate with a varied choice of color is one option. Jam, it can also be used metal tile or shingle to get a better view.

The concept of earthquake resistant buildings is essentially an effort to make the whole house elements into a coherent whole that is not easily collapsed in the quake. To realize the right choice of materials required, the connection element strong enough and of course the appropriate implementation planning.

Benefits of Drinking Coffee for Health Proven!

The benefits of drinking coffee you must know the coffee. Coffee is a beverage that has been hereditary and has become a typical drink Indonesia. Many coffee products from Indonesia, which has become the world’s goods such as coffee Toraja, Aceh coffee, instant coffee and coffee luwak (the most expensive coffee in the world).

In addition to the pleasure of taste and aroma of coffee, the coffee has a myriad of benefits it contains. Of course this is because of its caffeine content of the compound. Here are some of the benefits of drinking coffee in the morning which is proven to be effective by the research:

The benefits of drinking coffee in the morning

The following 14 Benefits of Drinking Coffee That Has Been Proven Through Multiple research studies.

1. Drink Coffee increases Morale and Makes you Smarter

the benefits of drinking coffee in improving brain performance
Benefits of Drinking Coffee
The benefits of coffee drinking can improve the morale of the people who often experience tired. Of course, to be followed by the consumption of body nutrients such as protein, carbohydrate and fat and vitamins. With the caffeine (caffeine) in coffee which is a psychoactive compound that are stimulants able to give a “boost” to the labor market and the spirit of your work.

In addition to improving morale, drinking coffee in the morning after breakfast was also able to improve brain performance in other words make you “smarter”. When you drink coffee in the morning, the caffeine in coffee will be entered into a blood vessel and then flow into the brain. Caffeine into the brain, will prevent adenosine.Adenosine is a neurotransmitter inhibitor compound. When that happens, other neutrotransmitter production such as dopamine and norepinephrine increases. Second increase this neutrotransmitter able to improve the performance of nerve cells (neurons) in the brain.

It has been many experiments that demonstrate the benefits of drinking coffee to improving the function and performance of the brain. Increased start in terms of memory (memory), mood swings, aggressiveness, morale, or impusl reaction speed, and other cognitive abilities.

[Box type = “note” align = “aligncenter” class = “” width = “”] Conclusion: The benefits of drinking coffee to improve brain performance and morale associated with the presence of caffeine is a stimulant compound [/ box]


2. Accelerate the Benefits of Drinking Coffee in Metabolism and Fat Burning

benefit of drinking coffee for depression 2The benefits of drinking coffee in the morning is very helpful in increasing the metabolic rate, especially catabolism and increase the burning of fat (in the general conditions). Capabilities and benefits of drinking coffee is not another because of some bioactive compounds present in coffee such as:

Caffeine: Stimulants on the performance of the nerves and the central nervous system

Theobromine and Theophylin: substance similar to caffeine and provide a stimulant effect

Chlorogenik acid – bioactive compounds present in coffee that provides aid in the absorption of carbohydrates.

Coffee according to research can improve the metabolism of approximately 3-11% 1 , 2

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3. Benefits of Drinking Coffee in Allocating Fat tissue

benefit of drinking coffee for healthThe benefits of coffee once again related to the ability of caffeine. The caffeine in coffee stimulates the nervous system to send signals to fat cells to destroy fat cells.Caffeine also increases levels of the hormone adrenaline which is useful in breaking down fat and release it into the bloodstream so it can be sent to the bloodstream. By the way coffee can drain fat to other areas so as not to be too concentrated in one area of the body. Other studies have shown that caffeine is able to demonstrate the effect of an increase in the burning of fat by 10% in the obese and 29% in normal humans 3 .

[Box type = “note” align = “” class = “” width = “”] Conclusion: It has been scientifically proven that drinking coffee can increase metabolism and burn fat so it is suitable for diet [/ box]

4. Benefits of Drinking Coffee In Improving Physical Ability Someone

benefit of drinking coffee for your heart
Boost Your Body
A person’s physical ability can be improved by drinking coffee. It has been proven that improving one’s physical abilities of 10-12%. ( NCBI ). This effect is actually related to the work of caffeine in the blood that increase metabolism and fat burning. As we know that fat has the highest energy content. So you who do need a fast diet, drinking caffeine before ngeGym, able to give you drastic weight loss.

5. Providing Nutrition For Body

benefit of drinking coffee for your healthDo not assume the only coffee black water only. Besides caffeine, coffee also contains useful nutrients for your body. Based on data from , that in a cup of coffee contains:


Although the amount of nutrients that there is not too much, it will be but it’s better than not at all. Note: AKG is a Nutritional adequacy rate, so that when written 5%, it is now looking for 95% more in order to meet your RDA for this day.

Most Delicious Culinary and Popular Malang

When you’re on vacation somewhere maybe a lot of things you want to enjoy in a place that you visit, especially if you visit the site for the first time. There are so many tourist attractions that we can enjoy, do not need to go far to enjoy an exceptional tour, Indonesia has many tourist attractions that we can enjoy.

This time it will take you look culinary attractions unfortunate if you’re visiting in the city of Malang. Lots of culinary places in poor you can go what if you’re visiting in the city poor.

At least this time will provide recommendations culinary venues popular in Malang . Of these foods is recommended what if you’re traveling in the city of Malang. Because also culinary attractions in Malang very many variants, so it might be a recommendation eat when you are in the city of Malang.

Culinary Malang Most Delicious

Culinary set Malang Most Popular

  1. STMJ Glintung Malang


For culinary unfortunate that this is the first place where you can enjoy a glass STMJ or drink a combination of milk, eggs, honey and ginger. Of STMJ Glintung is a place for very suitable for young children to chat with friends while accompanied by STMJ.

Not only STMJ who served in this Glintung STMJ, you can also enjoy grilled banana and also toast. STMJ dish here is very suitable to enjoy at night, because STMJ can warm the body. So of course on the culinary unfortunate that this first of what could be a priority if you want bercengkramah with friends.

  1. Devil Mie Malang


For you lovers of spicy food, mandatory stop at culinary unfortunate this one. Because the devil Mie Malang in providing menu noodles with a very spicy flavor to your taste. However, although the noodles are served in Mie Malang devil is very spicy, but it’s a matter of taste do not hesitate anymore.

Actually poor culinary tour of this one in the call by the name Mie Malang devil, because the word Satan himself is an abbreviation of ‘This New Delicious and Outstanding’. A truly unique culinary tourism Malang not this one? If you are a lover of spicy food tastes, we suggest you visit Mie Malang devil is addressed in Jalan Kol Sugiono No. 122 Malang.

  1. Noodle Gajah Mada Malang


For culinary place in the unfortunate that this third is a place that serves a wide range of food-based noodles. With a place in the area of modern market or mall which is very strategic place to do a trade, a lot of people are recommending ‘Mie Malang Gajah Mada’ as a culinary favorite in Malang .

Of course when you visit and eat dishes served by this place, your tongue will certainly be pampered by good taste. Lots of food served in ‘Mie Malang Gajah Mada’ is, however, one of the mainstays of the menu culinary attractions this one is the mushroom chicken noodles.

In addition to chicken mushroom noodle noodles Gajah Mada turns also has another mainstay menu is a decent dumpling noodles try. If you want to try the noodles taste sensations are served by culinary attractions in Malang on this one, please come to Malang 17A Jalan Pasar Besar.

  1. Bakpao Boldy Malang


It turns out in Malang also a culinary tour where menu is presented is Bakpao. Malang culinary attractions this one is a legendary buns in Malang. Because these dumplings are made without the use of chemicals and dumplings that are sold have a distinctive flavor and delicious, then ‘Bakpao Boldy’ can be made where the culinary recommendations in Malang.

In the unfortunate culinary attractions this one you can also enjoy a variety of flavors of steamed buns are served. There are several flavors that you can enjoy such as green bean flavor, chicken flavor, the taste of peanuts, and many other flavors Steamed Bun. What if you want to taste the delicious dumplings this poor please go directly towards Jalan address Mangun Sarkoro No. 25 Malang.

  1. Fat Burgers Malang


All already knew it was not about the food named surabi this? Because these foods are very popular in Java. Today we will visit the place of culinary Malang namely ‘Fat Burgers’ that presents a menu surabi as a main dish. Uniquely surabi are served at this place is not like surabi in general, the difference is size. Surabi in ‘Fat Burgers’ to larger than surabi in general.

You could also try surabi, combined with a variety of toppings on it. Topping that’s favorites at this point is that in the given surabi durian toppings on it. To be able to enjoy the culinary tour Malang with this surabi menu please immediately visited the place of culinary at this Malang in Malang 205 Jalan Mayjen Panjaitan.

  1. Ronde Angsle Titoni Malang


Angsle you know what? Angsle is a sweet food berkuah which there are bread, green beans, gelatin and thick sauce has a sweet taste tasteful. This food is perfect in consumption in the cold weather, because this most delicious food in to eat while still warm.

What if you visit in Malang, then we recommend to try the culinary unfortunate that this one is ‘Angsle Titoni Ronde’. Besides angsle, in this place you can also enjoy other menus such as round, you can book a round of dry or wet round.
This round is unique foods that you can enjoy when you visit Malang, because the rounds are served at this place in flush with peanut sauce was very tasty. To be able to eat this round you angsle and immediately drove to the ‘Ronde Angsle Titoni’ located at Jalan Zainul Arifin Malang.

  1. President Bakso Malang


Malang culinary place the next one is Bakso President. Of course for those already familiar with the Malang culinary tour this one, because this place is enough to eat meatballs popular name among food lovers in Malang.

There have been many artists capitals that try to eat meatballs in ‘Meatballs President’ is, this will be a special experience for you while eating meatballs suddenly met with the artist. Many people who favorited this culinary places as the most popular culinary places in Malang, perhaps because the meatballs are served has a good taste and love for the issue price is quite cheap.

You can enjoy the meatballs in ‘Meatballs President’ with a variety of options and variants meatballs very much. And to be able to enjoy ‘Meatballs President’ you should immediately visit the outskirts of the rail precisely located in Batang road no. 5 Malang.

  1. Putu Lanang Celaket Malang


For culinary Malang next one is a culinary Malang are on the menu serves Putu cake. Putu cake is a traditional cake but is still a lot of people who favored Putu cake as traditional food ternikmat.

If you visit to Malang, you can visit the culinary attractions of ‘Putu Lanang Celaket’ presenting Putu cake with a delicious flavor and has a soft texture.

Putu cake in ‘Putu Lanang Celaket’ is at present on consumers grated coconut, so you will add a savory flavor. In addition Putu cake, you can also enjoy other menus such as klepon and lupis. If you are interested in culinary food poor, this one you can come to the Prosecutor General’s Jalan Soeprapto No. 13 Malang.

  1. Malang Agus Chicken Porridge


For culinary places in Malang The next is a meal called ‘Chicken Porridge Agus’. Where in this place serves chicken porridge for customers. But at this point you can also enjoy noodles, dumplings, spring rolls, rice bakmoy and too many snacks that you can try at this eating place.

There is so much addicted to the taste at present by the slurry created by ‘Chicken Porridge Agus’, because of its soft texture and a savory flavor that makes consumers to be pampered.

What if you’re the opportunity to visit the city of Malang, not hurt you for a short layover in Malang culinary point of this one is addressed at Jalan Simpang Wilis No. 4 Malang.

  1. Meatballs Geprak Mbah Djo Malang


Not complete it if you visit to Malang, but you do not try to eat the meatballs typical tastes of Malang. One place that serves culinary Malang meatballs is ‘Meatball Geprak Mbah Djo’.

Beef broth contained in meatball soup at this place is really tempting aroma and taste. Malang culinary places that this one is a favorite place to eat meatballs among the young. So for young children that are around the city poor, it seems very loss if not been to culinary geprak mbah djo poor meatball.

Even during holidays only, ‘Meatball Geprak Mbah Djo’ is even more filled by the visitors. If you want to enjoy these meatballs, please come to around Universitas Brawijaya in Malang for culinary unfortunate that this one is in that location.

Earthquake Response action – that needs to be done during the earthquake

Of the outstanding issues is not clear who made the worry, the better we pray and surrender ourselves to God so that we are always in lindunganNya. Earthquake insurance

Here I get tips we need to do in the event of an earthquake to minimize the risk of injury or death, But despite it all, God is willing and rule over His people, if death has been greeted, none can avoid it. Subhan Allah.

Hasil gambar untuk Cara mengatasi korban luka saat gempa bumi

If an earthquake that’s all of a sudden, the following 10 tips that you can rely on wherever you are.

Inside the house

Vibration will be felt for a moment. During that time, you have to seek the safety of yourself and your family. Go to the bottom of the table to protect your body from falling objects. If you do not have a table, protect your head with a pillow. If you’re turning on the stove, then turn off immediately to prevent fire. In Indonesia, the average gas burner used is LPG which can be easily dispersed in the air, unlike with natural gas will remain above the soil surface. Therefore, if a gas leak in the quake, immediately try to open all doors, windows for the gas to get out of the house and does not trigger a fire,

Try to have a special place for storing flashlights, medicine, blankets, drinking water supply for a minimum of 2-3 days, or other objects that might be required at the time of emergency. Try also to ensure that all family members know this special place so that everyone is easy to reach.

Strive also in the house has a radio portable communication sorts of walkie talkie or HT, because it is based on experience in negara2 prone to earthquakes such as Japan, as well as the experience during the earthquake in Padang yesterday, the communications infrastructure of mobile / telephone death total, so the only thing that can be used is means of communication that uses radio waves.

In school

Take cover under the table, protect your head with a bag or a book, do not panic, if an earthquake eased out sequentially starting from the farthest distance to the door, find the field, do not stand near buildings, poles and trees.

Outside the house

Protect to you and avoid dangerous objects. In the area of ​​office or industrial areas, the danger could arise from the collapse of the glass and billboards. Protect your head with your hands, purse or anything you bring.

In buildings, malls, cinemas, and the ground floor of the mall

Do not cause panic or a victim of panic. Follow all instructions from the clerk or security guard. If often in locations like this, recognize and memorize meeting points and an emergency exit path so that you can easily save themselves if an emergency occurs.

In the elevator

Do not use elevators during an earthquake or fire. If you feel the vibrations of an earthquake while in the elevator, then press all the buttons. When the lift stop, get out, look if the situation is save and evacuate. If you are stuck in the elevator, contact the building manager to use the interphone if available.

In the train

Hold on tightly to the pole so you will not fall if the train stopped suddenly. Be calm following the explanations of the train attendant. Misunderstood information officer or station wagon will cause panic.

In the car

When a large earthquake occurs, you will feel as if your car wheels bald. You will lose control of the car and difficult to control. Stay away from the intersection, Pull your car left the road and stop. Follow the instruction from the car radio. If you have to evacuate it out of the car, leave the car unlocked.

On the mountain / beach

There is a possibility of landslides occur from the top of the mountain. Stay out straight away to safety. On the coast, the danger came from the tsunami. If you feel the vibrations and signs of tsunamis appear, quickly evacuate to high ground,

You can help

It was to be foreseen that many people will be injured during a major earthquake. Because of health workers from hospitals will have difficulty coming to the scene, then be prepared to provide first aid to people who are around you.

Listen to information

When a large earthquake occurs, the community mental hit. To prevent panic, it is important everyone be calm and act in accordance with the correct information. You can obtain information Yag right of the authorities or the police. Do not act because the information is not clear. You can also take advantage of HT such communication radio for listening to the broadcast / broadcast communications authorities through a specific frequency. But remember, this frequency is limited to communications authorities, you should not participate in it, just listen to it.

Here is how the Japanese people to save themselves from the quake, which of course should we imitate because as we all know, Japan is the country most often experienced earthquake:

  1. Japan Society diligent disaster training. Near the door, they prepare a backpack containing bottled water, dry food or canned food, medicines P3K, cash, clothes drier, radio, flashlight, and some replacement batteries. The public can add supplements, glasses, special medicines or baby food in their special bag. Earthquake rescue tools even sold in supermarkets.
  2. Disaster drills conducted regularly, and even made special subjects in elementary schools.
  3. Japan partially diinvestsasikan wealth to build earthquake-resistant buildings and infrastructure. Expensive yes, but according to experts, this policy proved to have saved thousands of lives.
  4. The local government or local government trained specifically to announce the disaster and evacuate quickly. They are also trained to distribute food and blankets at shelters.
  5. Japanese society know they have to protect the head with a strong table, so as not to fall of hard objects. Then, under cover of the table, it was, they quickly shut off the gas flow, and make sure the door remains open to reduce the risk of trapped among the wreckage.
  6. Japan’s population is recommended to save the shoes under the bed and bicycles in the yard. Shoes for securing feet from broken glass. While the bicycle is the most appropriate means of transportation during the earthquake.
  7. Japanese society to enable earthquake alert on his mobile phone. Children in schools have fire-retardant protective headgear at his desk each. Not only that, advanced earthquake simulator is also used to familiarize children with the tremor.
  8. The Government of Japan to make sure the center of nuclear energy and an electric train will automatically shut down when the earth trembled within certain limits.

Hopefully this information can add to our knowledge so we can prepare for disaster when it comes and do not forget, keep praying and surrender themselves to Allah the Most of All.

Volcano in Guatemala Erupts For 13 Hours

Mount Fuego, one of the three active volcanoes in Guatemala, Saturday, erupted.

The eruption caused lava flows and ash falls concentrated to various areas around and also threaten the capital Guatemala City.

Lava is a solution of incandescent magma flowing out of the earth through volcanic crater or through a crack (fracture). The solution will then be frozen into the rocks.

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Mount Fuego is located approximately 45 kilometers southwest of Guatemala City.

This eruption is the second time in the 2017’s.

Volcanic activity of the mountain is now back to normal and within normal limits, shortly after the eruption, which lasted for 13 hours.

It was explained David de Leon, spokesman for the National Coordination Center for Disaster Management, told AFP.

Noted, mountains with peaks as high as 3763 meters was experiencing the biggest eruption since at 11:28, Friday or Saturday at 12:28 pm.

In the evening, it began to show bursts of explosions of ash to a height of 4,500 meters above sea level, only the lower 500 meters of the eruption in the morning.

Meanwhile, the longest lava flow has now reach a distance up to 1.6 kilometers.

Although the ash could reach Guatemala City, until the news was revealed, it has not happened.

So far, there are four areas around the mountain, which is reported to have been affected by the ash from this eruption.

In addition Fuego, countries in the region of Central America has two other active volcanoes.

The mountain is in the west and Pacaya Santiaguito in the south, a distance of only 30 kilometers from the capital.

Fresh And Healthy Recipes Drinks Of Citrus Fruits

Enjoy a glass of fresh drink of fruit juice while hot weather is incomparable sensation. Moreover, when the drink is processed by your own recipes and have a variety of healthy benefits with super delicious flavor. Mmmm .. certainly more maknyus.

Fresh orange drink recipes

Assorted fresh drink recipes from our choice could become your personal reference and beloved family. How to make it practical, easy, and simple. Do not forget to peel the orange peel and then wipe the white membrane that attaches because it can make the juice taste bitter.

Alternatively, you can cut the oranges in half and squeeze the juice manually.

Drink Recipes Assorted Fresh From Citrus Fruits

1. Juice grapefruit super fresh

  • 50 grams of grapefruit
  • 100 grams of melon
  • 2 tablespoons molasses
  • ½ cup of water
  • Pieces of ice cubes

How to make :

  • Cut the citrus fruit and melon, then into a blender. Add sugar syrup as a sweetener and water, blend smooth. Before serving, add the chunks of ice on top of the juice to be more fresh.
  • Behind freshness grapefruit drink it, contained the healthy benefits that treat anemia due to nutrients and vitamins in it.

2. Juice tangerine fruit mix

  • Tangerines ½ cup water
  • ½ cup white yoghurt
  • 100 grams of guava, strain the seeds
  • 100 grams of mango, cut into pieces

How to cultivate it:

  • Put all the ingredients into a glass blender, puree. Pour into glasses and serve with chunks of ice that maximum freshness.

3. Orange juice with Guava

  • 50 grams of sweet orange
  • 75 grams of guava
  • 1 tablespoon molasses
  • ½ cup of boiled water

How to make :

  • Rinse and cut guava. Put it in a blender with boiled water, process until smooth. Strain guava juice, then mix with sweet citrus and sugar syrup. The process of re-using a blender. Pour and serve while fresh.
  • See also other citrus juice recipes .

4. The juice of lemon cucumber

  • 2 limes, take the water
  • 150 grams of cucumber, peeled and chopped
  • 100 ml ginger ale
  • 2 tablespoons molasses

How to prepare:

  • Cucumber blender until smooth, then strain. Mix with lemon juice, ginger juice and sugar syrup. Blend again until well blended. Pour into glasses and serve fresh.
  • In addition to fresh and delicious drink, the drink is processed efficacious as therapy skin beauty from within.

The New Option of Adventure Car, 2018 Subaru Outback

The 2018 Subaru Outback has been revealed, it comes in four type which is the Standart type, Premium, Limited and Touring type. Compared to earlier models, this Subaru Outback body has not changed much. But with almost the same interior and exterior from the previous one, Subaru also claimed that they made a lot of improvements on various aspect to improve quietness inside the cabin as well as improve your ride quality. More than that, with this new model you can enjoy a more smoother ride as well as a more enjoyable driving experience. Subaru also added big windows and low beltlines to gives you freedom to enjoy the view outside as you go.

Image result for 2018 subaru outback

On the outside, Subaru decided on the tough look for this 2018 Subaru Outback with a more aggressive headlights, chrome wings, and also a wider and lower grille. But now you can enjoy a more quieter interior with sound-insulating glass addition. But for the inside, they choose a luxury design option with the appearance of new stitching design on the dashboard, and for the Limited and Toruing version you can find the same pattern on the seat as well as door panels. The four color option for the interior that you can choose is Titanium Gray, Slate Back, Warm Ivory, and the last one is Java Brown leather. There is also a new roof rails that compatible with more carrier models compared to the other old models. This improvement is from the note of the previous models which has received many questions about the roof rails that didn’t work well with aftermarket carrier.

Another tweaks you can find for the steering wheel of this 2018 Subaru Outback, provide you with a more smoother and enjoyable ride. Another great improvement can be seen on a better air conditioning system which will cool you down in no time in any kind of condition.

This efficacy / Kaffir Lime Leaves Benefits For Beauty And Health

Benefits Of Kaffir Lime Leaves, Kaffir lime seasoning sauce synonymous with fresh vegetables for aroma and taste that is so typical. Kaffir lime is already well-known in traditional medicine and herbs in the archipelago, nah this occasion, let’s peel the remarkable properties of lime leaves for beauty and health.

Related image

According physician lime leaves have properties as a tonic and stimulant, the benefits of this fruit to the skin to clean and prevent from bacteria and germs as well have a distinctive aroma aromatic mind becomes more fresh!

Kaffir Lime Leaves Nutrition For Healthy
mistake yach, kaffir lime leaf properties was incredible! Because these leaves are rich in nutrients that are useful for health community, the first is a tannin substance content up to 1.8 percent and steroids triterpenoids and volatile oil with levels of 1 to 1.5 percent.

While jerut lime rind is rich in saponins, tannins, essential oils and steroids triterpenoids which will have a positive impact on our health. And there’s more citrate compound in lime with a content of 2 to 2.5 percent.


Efficacy Kaffir Lime Leaves For Health And Beauty

1. Refreshing Mind
For those of you who are experiencing stress or mild stress can put a piece of lime leaves in hot tea or juice to get a refreshing aroma. Kaffir Lime Leaves we explained earlier tannin containing compounds that have a scent that can make calm nerves or brain centers so that the properties of lime leaves will make you unwind and relax.

2. Seasoning Cuisine
Benefit lime leaves are used to strengthen the flavor and aroma of the food we have known since the first, the kaffir lime leaves natural food seasoning without any negative effects as a chemical flavoring dishes.
Seafood cuisine kaffir lime leaves when given the fishy smell will be lost and more fragrant cuisine. Bersantan rendang dishes that will be more comfortable with lime leaves. Distinctive fragrance that comes out of the leaves Kaffir Lime will make us want to immediately devour the dishes.

3. Oil Perfume Making Materials
Benefits of lime was also obtained from the essential oil concentration is high enough, the essential oil has been known as the main ingredient to make a perfume or a perfume with aroma therapy or refreshing. Certainly most people like the scent of Kaffir Lime leaves because it can evoke the spirit that has collapsed.

4. Restoring And Adding vitality
Buddy weary and tired after working hard in the office or company then when returning home try to drink boiled water Kaffir Lime leaves, written with several other herbal remedies such as honey or olive oil.
The combination of compounds in the leaves of kaffir lime and honey will restore your stamina and adds vitality to active return tomorrow.

5. Healthy Skin
Try to add some lime leaves in warm water when showering or you can grind beforehand so usefulness tasted. Compounds in lime leaves will nourish your skin, and the efficacy of kaffir lime leaves for beauty is to clean the skin of oil major cause of acne.

Now that’s a friend of discussion efficacy / extraordinary benefits of lime leaves for beauty and health could give little knowledge of traditional medicine around us.

Training Outbound Malang

Training Outbound Malang

The secret of success an individual is constantly innovating and evolving for the better outbound malang . In an organization is not enough just leader, but also needed a solid team and able to communicate well. With all that, then any problems encountered along will feel easy to pass. Eventually of a lot of companies that declined. What caused it ?  A company is not just relying on the name or leaders. A company can stand and thrive when the Human Resources that support also qualified. Not only rely number of employees, but also should consider the quality of work as well.

Proverb says little better but gold, than much but rubbish. How can the quality of Human Resources of a company ?. Every company in at least once a year should hold training or gathering. Because in a training event / gathering, companies can enter values ​​to work well and provide high motivation.

But the training event / gathering will feel monotonous and bored as fill in the event that that’s it. And how not ersifat monotonous and even memorable fun. Our No Limit Adventure solution. We are a provider of outbound reliable in Malang, East Java. We have more than 10 years standing and outbound event serve clients from various cities in Indonesia.

Material Outbound

The material we put together in such a way outbound covers,

  • High Motivation, High Performance

How to build and find the key – the key to motivation in improving work performance.

  • Team Work and Sinergy Capacity

Build balance of leadership and followership build happy interactions in the office.

  • Team Building

How to build cohesiveness and comfort in an office or company.

  • Objectives of Outbound

The program we have designed as tools process internalization of values ​​- the value of the company (Corporate Values) with the goal of keeping the value’s that has been there not only to knowledge (brain memory) but further than that capable of being Myelin (Muscle Memory) that can translate into culture and performance measures in the frame of spirituality. More specifically the purpose of this activity are:

  • Relive (Reawakening) employees’ commitment to implementing corporate values.
  • Removing and neutralize (Release) problems – emotional and social problems that may occur in the implementation of the value of daily interactions at work and tekanas outside the lines of the company.
  • Refreshing back (Refresh) the importance of providing best effort service for the benefit of companies that will be positively correlated with the welfare of the family.
  • Building a camaraderie (Synergy) with the principle – the principle of a balanced leadership and followership.
  • Searching for meaning (of finishing, Meaning and Calling) in the work which is based on the spirit of service to the community, the nation, and the State.outbound malang

Of course outbound event is not only meant the company or agency. Some organizations also need the sekolan and events such as outbound to refresh and improve the community and team building among individuals or even for a family gathering that could strengthen the relationship.

Outbound facilities is in getting

– Ice Breaking

– Fun Games

– Team Building

– Effective Communication

– Problem Solving

– Instructors and experienced facilitators

– Outbound Standard Equipment

– Lunch & Snack

– Mineral Water

– The game of High Roop (Flying Fox, Spider Web, Two Line Bridge)

– Free Admission Places

(If Outbound travel locations do in Coban Rondo / Songgoriti)


So wait let alone join us in No Limit Adventure. Remember Outbound unforgettable, remember No Limit Adventure.

Package Outbound Malang

Package Outbound Malang

Morning friends, do not feel so we’ve entered the month of Ramadan, the holy month with an abundance of blessing. In the month of Ramadan this year coincides with the school holidays. Usually school holiday period is a time when parents will be busy looking for a holiday destination (Outbound Malang). You are always a wave of worry because after the school holidays stout once the school needs to be met. In outline you have to save your holiday budget? Wah really too huh? Then the holiday as what should you choose?

outbound malang

Now with a million reasons like this. We, Outbound Malang present to you. We are a provider of outbound reliable in Malang. With presents educational tour that we Paket Outbound Malang. Not only outbound but also travel packages paintball, rafting, airsoft gun, and much more.

Here are the package outbound malang we offer:

  1. Package Outbound Malang Alpine Pack (Only Rp 120.000, – / Pack)

outbound malang package that is suitable for those of you intending holidaying together with friends work together, or a large family with you. Due to various outbound material designed specifically for shaping the character and build team solidarity.

With a duration of one day and an affordable price you will get amenities such as:

  • Ice Breaking Games
  • Fun Games
  • Team Building
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Instructors and experienced facilitators
  • Equipment Standard Outbound
  • Lunch and Snack
  • Mineral Water
  • Free admission tickets sights (Coban Rais / Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti)

As well as various combinations of outbound packages such as alpine pack

-Outbound Alpine Package Complete Pack (High Rope Games = Flying fox, Two Line Bridge, Spiderweb) Rp 120.000, – / pack

-Package Alpine Outbound Travel Pack complete and picking apples (Rp 135.000, – / pack)


  1. Batu Rafting Packages Only Rp 165.000, – (Weekdays) and Rp 180,000, – (weekend)

For those of you who are interested in river adventure and adrenaline. This package is perfect Batu laneways Rafting you. Presenting an exciting rafting tours with rafting ± 12km route length.

The facilities were obtained:

  • Batu Rafting (12 Km)
  • Rescue Team
  • River Guide
  • Welcome Drink
  • Lunch
  • Tea Break and Snack at Rest Area
  • Shuttle Car (From the finish point towards basecamp)
  • Standard equipment (perhu, Paddle, Helmet, Buoy)
  1. Package Children Kids (Rp 85.000, up to Rp 90,000)

outbound malang package is also called educational tours Since we deliberately designed the team outbound ,outbound travel with a bandage educational tour enjoyable. So indirectly you will learn while playing.

Facilities we provide for children kids packages are

  • fun games
  • Team Building
  • Games and high rope (flying fox, spider web and a two-line bridge that we provide specifically for children)
  • Lunch
  • Snack and mineral water
  • Facilitators were welcoming and friendly for children
  • entrance ticket outbound locations in Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti Kota Batu

How you are interested in our outbound travel package deals? We memberikas traveled with a budget solution that is affordable. Immediately schedule your holiday you with us in the Outbound Malang Travel. The best outbound partner.