Benefits Banana Mask for Face Skin Beauty


Benefits banana mask for facial skin beauty care
Bananas are one of the fruits that contain potassium. The content is useful to avoid foggy brain or brain fog. Foggy brain is a disease in which suddenly we forgot to do anything or want to talk about it. Indeed, sometimes all of this is often experienced by many people. And bananas became the answer to avoid it. It turns than can be eaten with a variety of properties contained in it, the banana can be made for beauty. Yes absolutely bananas can be created as a natural face mask to support our beauty.

Benefits Banana Mask
Various benefits given banana mask for facial beauty we are as follows:

1. Eliminate dead skin cells

Intensive activity and the demands of the job in the external environment or traveling dust and dirty that we face every day are the reasons why our skin are skin cells to die. That’s why banana beneficial to clean dead skin cells that accumulate on our face.

2. delicate facial skin

Surely every woman really wants subtlety in their faces. Now your dreams will be missed. Needless to physician expensive, unnecessary also cosmetics at millions. Enough to buy a banana makes it a smooth face mask and dreams also come to us.

3. Skin Firmness

Humans grow old with age-old getting old. Hence, over time also reduce the intensity of skin firmness. To prevent this, you can make a mask of bananas in order to tighten your skin even if you get older. Because bananas contain vitamin E, which can help facial skin tightening.

4. Abolish Acne

This object is the most dikesali by some women. Yes true that acne. Something very disturbing, although it is small. besides destroying the beauty of facial acne is also often give pain really bothers the women. This is the answer for women. With regular use of banana mask, believed to destroy potent acne. Needless to drugs and cosmetics expensive, simply by natural, reliable and useful.

5. Skin lightening

In addition to white. Women also want a fair skin. Therefore bright skin being sought some women. A dull pale white or ruin the beauty of the body. But not to worry. No need money to buy bleach or lightening of the skin. It turns out the banana mask can be made as lightening the skin useful and beneficial for your skin.

How to Make Banana Mask
After knowing the benefits. Now we need to know how to make a mask to put the bananas in the face so that the benefits before we can feel. Here is how to make a banana mask:

1. Prepare 3 bananas, honey and lemon
2. Destroy or mash a banana into a pasty
3. Squeeze the lemon juice, then mix 1 tablespoon juice into the batter mask
4. Mix well 1 tablespoon honey
5. Stir the batter evenly so that a banana mask

How to Use Mask Bananas
1. Clean your face first with clean water
2. Apply a facial mask to the top banana
3. Then wait until 20-30 minutes
4. Rinse and wash face with warm water
5. Rinse with cold water so that the pores are closed

That’s the benefit, how to make and also how to wear a mask of bananas. Not difficult not to apply as your beauty mask. Do not need a lot of money and a lot of care to produce beautiful skin.

Tips from Selecting appropriate Bridal Body Shape

cincin kawin palladium

Wedding dress can be a very ticks section within an wedding, especially a good bride who this year wants to help shop beautiful When her wedding day. therefore do not always be surprised if they were confused As soon as want to Select a wedding dress It they can use. one means of choosing the wedding dress is to get your current shape of your body, because the transporting into account your shape of an wedding dress will store additional beautiful as well as elegant.

Tips with Selecting suitable Bridal Body Shape

Well, to help prepare for its wedding dress to be able to suit the wishes, single thing you should notice can be and pay attention to be able to your own body shape Just in case likewise dijauh preparation time frame throughout advance. This is since consequently you make use of time in selecting as well as ensuring an suitable wedding dress regarding you. Associated through the wedding dress along with As described above is actually to be able to carry your shape of the body. the following may dijelakan menganai tips with choosing the wedding dress In accordance with your own body shape.

Tips intended for Choosing a good Wedding Gown you have to Know

Body Shape Sand Clock
For brides which have hourglass body shape or even make application for a body That is balanced in the top in addition to bottom along with a small part of the stomach. Body shape similar to This is every woman’s dream widened in general. This really is because model’s physique does not require a great wedding dress detail challenging and also absolutely all models appropriate wedding dress, but It\’s simply just depends on the tastes associated with each. solitary thing must possibly be remembered always Make sure you your own shape of an waist is seen clearly considering that the this is a almost all benting simple measures pertaining to those who have hourglass body shape therefore aesthetically beautiful and also fascinating.

Body shape Apples
Women exactly who have a great apple shape is actually meraka that have attributes that will form your current upper section of a body is actually greater than your current bottom. nicely regarding the proper wedding dress for apple shape is often a dress which provides points on a good V-shaped collar or perhaps collar heart-shaped tube. this type of a model serves to make your current top seem smaller. ones thing in order to avoid can be a flat tube dress using a model since It\’ll increasingly make a great appearance chest or maybe upper larger.

Body shape Pear
Type your own body This features ones body shape possesses a great characteristic pear fruit can be under much better part, This can be contrary for you to aple body shape. to be able to model your right dress within this body shape can be a ball gown or even a wedding dress with a thick variety model for the bottom, so the body may shop seems smaller.


Diet catering murah

Benefits of Broccoli – Broccoli is a green vegetable that is very beneficial for the health of the body, including to prevent cancer, stroke, lower blood pressure, weight loss, osteoporosis, healthy digestion and the body’s resistance to disease because broccoli contains complete nutrition.

Therefore, by regularly consume vegetables, broccoli this is the right choice because it is so beneficial for health, because broccoli is a vegetable that contains antioxidant vitamins A, B, C, and K, fiber and minerals.

The benefits of broccoli for health
Broccoli can be eaten directly or also to be cooked, but it should be noted also lightly cooked broccoli enough because if too long the levels of nutrients will be lost, so try not to cook or boil the broccoli more than 5 minutes.

Choose broccoli that is still fresh and green should choose broccoli that is not in the black spots on it and if you want to store it in a few days broccoli can be stored in the refrigerator for 4 days.

Some of the benefits of broccoli for health:
Pencehgah cancer, the content of indole-3-carbinol, isothiocyanate and phytochemicals in broccoli is effective in the prevention of cancers such as colon, bladder and ovaries.
Keep the immune system, a high content of vitamin C in broccoli important role in fighting infection and boost the immune system.
Prevent indigestion, because broccoli contains a lot of fiber so nice to overcome digestive problems such as constipation and other digestive disorders.
Anti depression, broccoli contains folate and vitamin B which is believed to improve the atmosphere in the liver as well as anti-depressants.
Controlling blood pressure, potassium content in broccoli may help keep the nervous system, to stabilize blood pressure and healthy brain function.
Bone health, vitamin K and Kalsiun in broccoli is very beneficial to prevent osteoporosis and helps in bone health.
Preventing cardiovascular disease, vitamin B6 and folic serve to protect the body from heart disease and stroke.
Help you lose weight, high fiber content is very useful in helping the process of dieting.
Eye health, broccoli contains vitamin A and lutein which is useful for eye health.
Prevent heart disease, glucoraphanin in broccoli can prevent heart disease.
Nourish the skin, glucoraphanin in broccoli are also beneficial to address skin damage from sun exposure and aging.
Prevent anemia, iron and folic acid in broccoli is useful for anemia due to iron deficiency.
Reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, according to the study of Alzheimer’s disease risk can be reduced by a diet high in folate.
Helping the health of infants in the womb, folate content in broccoli may help prevent neural defects such as spina bifida in the fetus.
Helps control diabetes, chromium content in broccoli is useful to help regulate insulin and control blood sugar levels in the body.

Here are some benefits of Pandan Leaf


1. Overcome Dandruff


Pandan leaves also can use to cope with dandruff, carany very easy, you have to take the pandan leaves, then wash thoroughly. After that sliced ??pandan leaves into small pieces and tumbuklah until smooth. Then you can use the collision pandan leaves on your scalp, so that your dandruff will be solved. Perform 2 times a day on a regular basis.

2. Blacken Hair
You do not need to pay expensive to blacken your hair, by utilizing the bay leaves you can get black hair according to your wishes. The trick is, take leaves and wash thoroughly. Boil 3 cups of water use, wait until the water boils and the color green. After boiling overnight to allow water to condense and mix with the juice morning ripe noni. Then you can use this herb for hair wash, do 1 time every day for maximum results.

3. Pegal Linu
When your body aches and sore all, you can use pandan leaves to reduce soreness linunya. The trick sliced ??pandan leaves that is clean, then mix coconut oil. Stir until evenly, then rub herb pandan leaf to parts of your body stiff. In this way, the stiff you will be lost.

4. Lowering High Blood Pressure
High blood pressure can be overcome using pandanus leaves, the way he is, take ampai pandan leaves and wash clean. Then boiled pandan leaf using 4 cups water to a boil. After boiling let it warm water, after which you can drink every morning and afternoon so your blood pressure back to normal.

Benefits and Benefits Betel Leaf Green for Health

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In Indonesia, there are many herbs that can be used the leaves for treatment. Among them were already discussed in this blog is Moringa leaves, papaya leaves, basil and bay leaves. And do not miss the soursop leaves are now so popular.

Well, on this occasion I will discuss the benefits of green betel leaf for health. Yag betel leaves are often found in Indonesia there are two kinds, namely red and green betel betel. Everything can be used as a drug, but certainly different properties from each other.

Green betel has the Latin name Piper betle Linn. are included in the family Piperaceae. Betel is a type of vines whose life is attached to the trunk of other plants, although there is also a creeping on the ground.

Betel leaf for Health Benefits
Betel leaf HijauNenek efficacy of our ancestors often make betel leaf as an herb for ‘nginang’. The material consists of betel leaf, betel leaf, areca nut, gambier, and cardamom. Besides betel leaves can also be used as a traditional medicine to treat various diseases. Here are some health benefits for the betel leaf and treatment.

1. Treating vaginal discharge
Boil 7-10 betel leaves in 2.5 liters of water to boil. Use boiled water betel leaf while still warm to wash the pubic area. Do it repeatedly.

2. Treat itchy allergy and urticaria
Provide 6 pieces of betel leaf, 1 slice ginger yellow and 1.5 tablespoons of eucalyptus oil. All the ingredients are ground together until smooth. Then the mixture is applied / rubbed on the body itching due to allergies or urticaria.

3. Treating diarrhea
Take 4-6 pieces of betel leaf, 6 peppercorns and 1 tablespoon of coconut oil. All the ingredients are ground together until smooth. Rub the mixture in the abdomen and allow to dry.

4. Treating bleeding gums
If you experience bleeding of the gums, do not worry, treat it with betel leaves. Way, take 4 betel leaves and then boiled in two cups of water to boil. Once cool, boiled water is used for rinsing. Do it repeatedly until cured.

5. Treating nosebleeds
Nosebleed is bleeding from the nose. You can treat it using betel leaves. Take one betel leaves and then pressed-press so slightly wilted. Roll and match into the nose to clog bleeding.

6. Treating cavities
If you megalami toothache because of cavities, immediately take the betel leaves and boiled in two cups of water to boil. The betel leaves boiled water used for rinsing. Perform erulang again until healed.

7. Treating coughs
4 Provide betel leaves, 3 leaves bidara upas and honey to taste. Betel leaves sliced, then boiled with leaves bidara upas in 2 cups of water to boil. Once cool, add honey to taste, then the potion is made to gargle. Try to reach the esophagus area.

8. Reduced milk production
Excessive production of milk is certainly not good and wasteful. You can fix this by using a betel leaf. It’s easy, take 4 betel leaves and spread with coconut oil. After the roast over the fire, not to be burned. In a state still warm, betel leaf is attached around the breast.

9. Heart disease
Provide three pieces of betel leaf, seven pairs of seeds cubeb, 3 spring onions, and 1 tablespoon cumin. All ingredients until finely ground, plus 5 tablespoons of hot water, left a few minutes, then squeezed and filtered. The herb drink 2 times 1 day and performed regularly.

10. Disease Sfilis
Prepare 25-30 betel leaves along the stems, 1/4 kg of palm sugar and salt to taste. All the ingredients are boiled together with 2 liters of water to boiling, then filtered. The herb drink 3 times 1 day continuously.

11. Bronchitis
Provide 7 pieces of betel leaf and 1 piece of rock candy. Chopped betel leaves, then boiled with rock sugar with 2 cups water to boil down to 1 cup, and filtered. The herb drink 3 times daily 3 tablespoons.

Well, that’s some of the benefits of green betel leaf for health and traditional medicine. Do not forget, the steel also articles about the benefits of red betel leaf to add your insight.

prospects institution and Creative corporation within Ramadan

Motivator terbaik

Since the present could be the month involving Ramadan, can allow a few idea PeluangUsahaOk.Com corporation relating to Ramadan potentially make your wages multiply via functioning this company chances on the month regarding Ramadan this. Indonesia at this point possesses your own majority religion connected with Islam, and even Indonesia would be the biggest Islamic community on the world. to It end, even though Ramadan is actually running, This is a lot of corporation options at the month involving Ramadan is actually that you can run.

Business chances inside Ramadan regarding Students
Talking about institution options regarding students in the month regarding Ramadan, many The idea for the various other hand like a student certainly a person do every night out lectures as well as learning, free date for the afternoon needless to say which they can use to help try and build huge revenue on the moment of an fasting month of 2015.

Here usually are some business opportunities It can be function because of the students throughout the fasting month

Business options with Small Capital
Business options foods (Business Culinary) special Iftar
Today Many people tend to be concerned inside jobs compared to your satisfaction associated with cooking yourself in home, as a result they would rather buy selection iftar ripe compared to ones cooking itself, ones reason to save time as well as possibly be further efficient, because the This is certainly going in order to always be the corporation options associated with it is own month connected with fasting , do not need special skills, You can try because of the effortless as well as using a small capital connected with course.

For example :
Sales efforts Juice, Fruit Juice Sales, Selling Ice Mix, gross sales Es Kelapa Muda along with much more.

This business opportunity You will work whilst your current density class schedule though, since the The idea does not involve large capital in addition to do not call for too much energy for you to make along with other processes.

Business possibilities Selling Children’s Clothing
In ones past, the company opportunity selling apparel can be a business The idea requires substantial capital in order to run, but by the advance regarding time, That no lengthier applies, there is certainly today the technique title dropship, salary later, resellers as well as sebaginya. So, you simply no extended need a good large capital in order to run, children will certainly possibly be thinking about clothes widths whilst still far through the schedule Eid, and so regardless of whether you\’re a great student that is creative does not hurt people for you to acquire advantage of your moment for you to opening an institution selling children’s clothing since the now.

Well, with regard to currently that’s your current fasting month associated with corporation prospects That may be run through the students, to be able to earn funds on the month regarding Ramadan this. Not sole is devoted towards the student alone, company opportunities Ramadan can also be perform from housewives taupun students though. Fasting Hopefully this enables an blessing for you to you, along with a person accepted charity fasting Allah. Amiiin …

Information about Pandan Leaves

The main goal is to grow this plant to get pandan leaves, which are used in a variety of culinary items in most of the dishes that come from Asia. Pandan leaves used either in the form of fresh leaves or wilted, leaves are also available in frozen form in many countries, especially countries outside Asia, as pandan leaves can not thrive in other temperature conditions. The leaves have a strong spicy flavor that add different scents in a variety of dishes from various regions in Asia including the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Burma and even some areas of India.

Various forms of leaves used for cooking purposes, may also be used to wrap certain dishes and is also used in the form of pasta to get a distinct vanilla flavor. Pandan leaves used to make pandan cake, chicken pandan, flavoring various types of rice, and others. Pandan leaves are sometimes first marinated in coconut milk and then added to the desired dish. Pandan leaves is a versatile roof that can enhance the flavor of food recipes. Pasta and essences pandan widely available in the markets of various countries in Asia, so it will be easier for people who find it difficult to obtain fresh leaves.

Leading 7 Great smelling Blossoms



There are some flowers which are not just stunning yet quite aromatic also. Such blossoms are thus, a reward for one’s detects as well as make the surroundings a lot more pleasant. For that reason, aromatic blossoms are usually grown in yards and also put in bouquets to make sure that individuals could appreciate their fragrance. A few of the extremely great smelling flowers are mentioned listed below.


Aside from their appeal, roses are likewise renowned for their scent. There are many perfumes created from the essence of roses. Nonetheless, nowadays the commercial dog breeders of roses highlight on look of roses instead of their fragrance. Therefore, there is only a tip of the scent in such roses. On the various other hand, yard roses still have their pleasant as well as hot scent.


Lavenders are tiny purple flowers with a rich fragrance. The scent of lavenders is typically made use of in perfumes, perfumes, bath oils, soaps as well as various other body care items. Additionally, lavender oil is utilized for aromatherapy due to the calming impact of the aroma of this blossom. Besides the blossoms, the fallen leaves of lavender are likewise really great smelling.


Jasmines are white flowers prominent all over the globe for their solid fragrance. Actually, they are widely grown for their aroma. Jasmine oil is utilized in perfumes and cosmetics all over the globe.


Gardenias are little white blossoms with a sweet and strong fragrance. Although gardenias are rather lovely, they are grown primarily for their fragrance. The aroma of the flower is like that of a jasmine.

Winter months Honeysuckles

Winter months honeysuckles are the most aromatic species of honeysuckles. The fragrance fills up the air during the winter months. Although the flowers are fairly tiny in size, they have a powerful aroma, which can be identified from miles away. The flowers have a lemony aroma, which fills up the air throughout December as well as January.


Lavenders have a strong intoxicating scent. The fragrance is often made use of in candle lights, fragrances as well as skin care items. Among the different types of lilacs readily available, the white lilacs have the sweetest aroma. The aroma of lavenders could be scented in the very early months of summer.

Pleasant Peas

Wonderful peas have an unique scent due to which, they are prominent around the world. They have actually gotten their name as a result of their sweet fragrance. Nevertheless, the strength of the scent of pleasant peas differs with aspects like heat, rains, time of the day and also age of the blossom.

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4 Flowers to Give completely Good luck


There are several types of lucky appeals varying from amulets to natural herbs. Some blossoms are likewise believed to bring good luck. One can send out these flowers to a person, that requires best of luck for a crucial undertaking. Information pertaining to some of these blossoms are given below.

Four-Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover is universally related to best of luck. It originates from a white-clover plant, which has seasonal flowers with white petals. The blossom heads are shaped like rounds. Three-leaf clovers are most typical and also only one in 10,000 white-clover plants develop four leaves. One of the leaves on a four-leaf clover is somewhat smaller compared to the rest. The four-leaf clover stands for God’s elegance and discovering it is said to bring good luck. Its scarcity is likewise thought to be the reason for its association with good fortune. The four-leaf clover could be dried as well as preserved for a long period of time. Many individuals put on lucky beauties with four-leaf clovers in them.

Bells of Ireland

Bells of Ireland are also thought about to be lucky for the recipient. The plant belongs to the mint family and the flower has a spicy scent. The name is rather deceptive as the blossom is belonging to western Asia, Turkey as well as Syria. The tiny white flower is bordered by green bell-shaped sepals. As a result of its minty and also zesty fragrance, the blossom is additionally made use of in fragrances. Additionally, as a result of its fascinating shape, it is typically made use of in St. Patrick’s Day focal points. The blossom is also made use of in wedding celebration bouquets because it is taken into consideration to be fortunate.

White Heather

There are many myths as well as tales associated with white heather. According to a myth, it expands on the grave of fairies. Another myth claims that it expands where no blood has been lost. Additionally, it is stated that individuals, who used it during battle, stayed out of difficulty. The association of white heather with good luck dates back to the Victorian Age, when people picked it permanently luck and utilized it for medical objectives. The myths surrounding the flower in addition to its shortage may be the major reasons for its association with all the best.

White Carnation

Carnation is typically made use of in blossom arrangements. It is a popular flower that is readily available in a wide variety of shades. The white carnation represents best of luck and also is a historic good luck gift for women. The flower is likewise related to mother’s day.

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Engineer – Hire a Residence Designer With Care



Doing your ideal to avoid mistakes when acquiring with a building specialist is essential. This is a person that should very carefully focus on the task available in order for the dream house in your mind to end up being a three-dimensional fact. Paying mindful focus on the interview and also hiring procedure is crucial.

Shopping arbitrarily for an architect on the net can be hazardous to your job. A web look for an architect for your planned straw bundle or pumice abode could link you with a designer that understands even more about optimizing his internet site for search terms than he in fact finds out about those constructing products.

Being satisfied by where the architect examined could be a mistake. Don’t perplex an ivy league university name with the caliber of the engineer.

When you make preliminary call with the engineer, simply know that while you are seeking a certified specialist, he or she may just be looking for work. If you have not even defined your project in detail, as well as the architect appears all set to approve the compensation, beware.

The engineer may state, “Your task seems fascinating.” While that could feel flattering to you, bear in mind that such a declaration can also indicate, “I should make my expense settlements, so I’m thinking I would certainly better take this work.”

Make certain to call the customer references provided to you. While we think that anybody given as a recommendation will probably state only good points, this is not necessarily real. Ask the reference who else you should be speaking with regarding the architect. Then ask that following individual the very same concern. While close friends of the architect may not feel they can inform you disparaging information, they may popular that will inform you exactly what you really should recognize.

Validating existing professional licenses is crucial. Inquire whether there are issues on record with the state architecture board. A complaint does not always mean your prospective designer did something wrong, yet it can show something you should investigate better. Several states have all of this information online on their internet site.

Being asked to pay way too much money in advance might be a warning. Learn exactly what is popular for your location, and for the dimension of your job.

Drafting the prepare for your house is a critical job. Come close to the task of hiring a person with caution. It is better to take the needed time in the hiring process, than to have the job explode later.