Are You Short On Money? Discover How To Travel Cheaply Around The World

It’s funny since a large majority of people who are not accustomed to traveling think that it is necessary to have lots of money. I know this because I get many comments, I’ve been called playboy, daddy’s boy, lucky, among other adjectives.

Of course, it can be expensive, yes, a lot, but that accompanies my blog already realized that there are numerous alternatives to save money. Each person has a profile and can know the same place with several different budgets depending on the choices he makes. But who is not yet accustomed to traveling, full of doubts, “cheap and reliable travel?”, “How to travel cheap and spend little?”. These are some of the most common questions. So, I decided to do this article to show how it is possible to travel with little money, with my tips to plan your next trip!

Search and plan

The essential tip for those who will travel sparing is to search. Read about your destination, talk to those who have done the same itinerary, lodging tips, restaurants, how to get around to the cities they want to visit, etc. Be sure to read

Planning also helps you save a lot, especially when it comes to buying tickets. Anyone who already has a ticket in advance, can monitor ticket prices, look at the products and see how to buy cheaper air tickets.

Shop for miles

As passages represent the largest expenses with a trip. If we can trade for miles or buy on some promotion, it will already be a good saving on the final budget. It is, therefore, important to have a flexibility of dates or advance at the time of purchase. To read more about it, check out how to buy miles.

Alternative ways to move around

With the advancement of the internet, several startups of shared economy have emerged in the niche of tourism. Each day, these tools provide new options for customers who are not so money-savvy, but also for other alternatives. Read about the benefits of paid carpool, a trend that has come to stay.

Opt for alternative lodgings

Whoever saves on their travels should say goodbye to luxury hotels! Obviously expensive hotels do not combine with a more sustainable style of travel, at least for a large majority of mortals. So, start researching about alternative hosting or even hosting for free, and realize how much you can save. There are virtual communities where people and businesses from all over the world connect to meet needs for skills and services, among other interests.

Make your own food

When the document is fed, there are several ways to save money and one of them is to make your own food. Whenever possible, stop by a supermarket, buy the ingredients and cook. So you managed to make a good economy. When to eat at restaurants, get options away from the main tourist attractions, these always tend to be more expensive. Another tip is to always order the dish of the day as they are cheaper.

Attention to exchange

At the time of exchanging money do a search to find out how to cheaper exchange houses. There is a great variation between them, so nothing to go out exchanging money the first time you find it.
The tip here is to try to find out how best rates to buy a local currency, easily verified by the website of Exchange Money. From your location, reserve service like exchange houses with cheaper rates near you.
To buy Euros still in Brazil, use anonymous online, to receive the money at home and avoid unnecessary risks. Always with a Quote, one of the largest online agencies in Brazil. Make an online quote without commitment.
Q.: Quotation and Money Exchanges are blog installments and in case you close a foreign exchange transaction, we receive a commission. Calm down, you will not pay for extras. Ask for a quote and check it out!

Travel data: high season flight

If you can choose, always travel in low season. This makes any travel itinerary cheaper. You can buy tickets at a discount, pay a lower price on lodging, among other savings and benefits.

Choose the destination well

If you are on a tight budget, then choose traditionally more economical destinations. There are several goods, beautiful and cheap places to travel around the world and Brazil. For example, if for a Europe, Eastern Europe is much cheaper than countries like France and England.

7 Must-see Tourist Spot On The Island Of Lombok

Many people who love holidays to Lombok, but then confused on where he is going. I will give you a list of seven places that must be visited so that you really feel you’ve afdol come to Lombok. Yes, if you’ve never update social status mediamu while visiting Lombok to these places, it means you have not afdol play to Lombok. Actually, Lombok has a lot of places that must be visited anyway, but it is enough for your first 7. Cekidot!

Via Sewa Bus Pariwisata

1.   Gili Trawangan

Well, this dyke is very very well-known among foreign travelers and tourists in their own country. Yes, dyke which is known as the party island, does have its own Drag. Gili has a beauty that has no need to doubt again you have, indeed, be the first to list afdol you, that you’ve set foot on the ground Lombok. Check-in at this dyke will make many friends will envy you, believe me … But in fact not only Gili Trawangan, because two other dyke, Gili Meno and Gili Air is also a cluster of 3 beautiful dyke is very popular in Lombok.

2.   Mount Rinjani

Who does not know the Rinjani. Mount which is Lombok’s tourism icon. For you who are nature lovers, it will lose if you come to Lombok but did not go up the mountain Rinjani. Mountains are always captivate and you’ll be sorry if it had never been climbed. Mountains Lake Segara Anak which has indeed always been a decoy for foreign tourists and domestic travelers who want to conquer.

3.   Kuta beach

Eits, make no mistake … Kuta Beach this one is very different from Kuta beach in Bali you know. Lombok also has a beach with the same names come. Well, if this Lombok Kuta beach, beach with calm waters, water color blue, shallow. So you could be with family or friends you come here to swim. The beach is very pretty. What is unique here, Kuta beach sand like pepper or arguably more similar to cilantro. Large round is not the same as the sand in general tend to be smooth. The sand was white sandy beaches yet. You will feel at home berleyeh-leyeh enjoy the blue sea with waves are quite calm here.

4.   travel Sembalun

Well now travel Sembalun ngehits ya guys, after getting the title as the world arena attraction honeymoon, and also the national award. You must enter a list Sembalun into your visit list. In addition to traditional tourist village, you can pick strawberries there. Sembalun of the hill, you also enjoy the view of the valley Sembalun very pretty.

5.   Niagara Mangku Way

This is one very beautiful waterfall in the East Lombok. Once come here, you’ll fall in love with the views presented, as well as the beautiful rocks and the water color is quite pretty in the bottom of the pool. Waterfall Way Mangku will hypnotize you. The photos you here will make many people ngiri want to come with you and also to Lombok.

6.  cliff Kelep

Here’s one of the tourist attractions are being nge-hits among young people of Lombok. Cliff visor in the garden coffee and chocolate SENARU this name more known after many young Lombok who uploaded the photos on social media. You can see the beauty of the waterfall Tiu valve on a high veranda made with a direct view into the woods and waterfalls. Once up here, you’ll fall in love deh scenery here.

7.  Senggigi beach

Well who does not know the Senggigi, the most crowded tourist area in Lombok. in Sengigi you can enjoy the sunset. Senggigi beach with blue sea and white sand graded a little black, became tempt favorite for tourists. Because here a lot of café, restaurant and hotels, as well as a place of entertainment for tourists. Beautiful natural scenery to attract and Senggigi remains a mandatory place you visit when visiting Sewa Bus Pariwisata.

There are so many places that actually required you visit in Lombok. not enough time just a week to explore the nature of Lombok. Eits you who like traveling, always hold dear natural ya … Do not forget to take home your trash or you can throw it in the trash

The Best Of Bus Pariwisata

Jakarta is a place where there are a wide variety of industries that operate every day. For those workers, of course, face penny job can be stressful. Then, vacation and traveled can be a perfect solution of your stress relievers. Therefore, there is no harm if from now on you are planning price Tourism Bus Rental pool in Jakarta for day trips with your colleagues. Surely this will be an unforgettable moment with your friend’s peers.



In Jakarta we will rarely find a tourist destination in addition to the mall or the waterpark. For those of you who want to try the sensation of another holiday than usual, it never hurts to plan a vacation outside the city. Traveled to the areas that are still beautiful with its green scenery is guaranteed to be able to make your mind refreshed. For those of you who are not familiar with the process of lease Bus Tourism, here we provide information about the procedure of leasing buses:
4 Reasons You Using Fleet White Horse:

Feel free to just ask us, the fleet what is right for you

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We Serve Reservations Bus White Horse
Our Price Guarantee Best For Fleet Unit White Horse

As our commitment to provide best in class service and a reliable tourism travel company we give special prices for Sewa Bus Pariwisata Group. As for its uses we can cater for the needs of Tourism, Shuttle Hotel Company or the School (inter – shuttle) Fleet Mudik etc.

Then do not hesitate to contact us directly via phone line available, we will be happy to serve you/i to provide our Best Fleet Unit. Hopefully with this information our business relationship remains in line with expectations of us.


An honor for us to be recognized as a trusted company by a leading business magazine in Indonesia for four years in a row. And we’re more proud because our driver was awarded as exemplary driver by Jakarta Transportation Department.


As transportation support tourism, our presence has been recognized by the Jakarta administration to get the award Adikarya Travel, an award from the Ministry of Transportation as Transportation Company Best, as well as the award of ITTA Foundation as Indonesia Leading Coach / Bus Company and Indonesia Leading Taxi / Limousine Company.
Speaking of the tour buses is now becoming one of the commodities that are promising for the needs of the community to make the trip the group also increased. However, in choosing a service provider of rental vehicles must be coupled with fidelity and accuracy. The journey that we do, and either party is large or small should provide comfort and safety sensual. by therefore, we can not hire buses haphazardly. Prepare following things before you determine vehicle rental services provider that you want to select:

Bus Type All You Need

White Horse offers the kind of vehicles that can be rented for a variety of your travel needs. Ranging from the executive taxi, until the Bus Tourism. There is also the Canary transport and Gray Line for your need. So, adjust what type of vehicle you need. Calculate carefully between the number of passengers with a capacity of vehicle you want to lease because it concerns the safety and convenience.

The deal price

No price is of no merit. Therefore, you amen gon Tak direct Sewa Bus Pariwisata agent to then ask for information related to the rental price and amenities offered. The price offered white hose group is quite competitive so you do not have to worry about running out budget. To contact the riverside sales marketing group, you can contact him by phone number or hotline available. Alternatively, you can also come directly to the central office and riverside pool available in many major cities such as Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, and so forth.

Amenities To Suit Preliminary Information

Also, make sure you book a bus accompanied by the necessary facilities. The facility also usually affect the rental price. However, you do not need to worry because the facilities offered white horse group will certainly not disappoint. You and your travel party will be pampered with a variety of supporting facilities so that the trip was not boring.
In order for your holiday or business trip and the group runs smoothly and fun, make sure you book a car rental service at the white horse ahead of time so that selection of the type of vehicle they are many and you do not run out of the fleet. By preparing proper transportation, then a trip you will feel comfortable and secure.
Comfortable Vacation Tips

Search Information

We recommend that you seek information from various sources about the company’s service providers buses rental services of tourism in Jakarta. Surely it must have a good reputation and legality in the business. Do not until you deal with unscrupulous travel agents on behalf of an individual who in fact fraudulent. Then seek information must also be from a trusted person. To make it easier, you can also figure out their own information via the Internet that can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Specify Destinations

Determine the destination is important because it will deal directly with the long journey and the rental price to be paid. There is a travel agency that leases buses 12 hours to 18 per day (the same day). But the bus for the long journey can be rented for at least 2 days. So determine your destination from now and estimate the long journey that must be taken.

Determine Number of Members delegation

Determining the right amount of travel of participants who will participate in a group also important because it is related to the type of bus that must be rented. Jakarta Tourism Bus Rental to be adjusted between the number of participants by the number of seats. There tier medium to the big bus with a capacity of 27 to 59 people. For a small scale, there is also a mini bus that can be rented with a capacity of many.