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Beaches, rivers and lakes at Villa Rumipal

An unforgettable destination to enjoy the warmth of the Calamuchita Valley.
Villa Rumipal attracts thousands of visitors thanks to its combination of white sand beaches, dream lakes and transparent river waters. Undoubtedly, this is a highly recommended destination for a decent family vacation, or to enjoy sporting and marine activities.

The name of this town, Comechingón, means “rock star”. Located on the banks of the majestic Embalse de Río Tercero lake, in the Calamuchita department, 110 kilometers from the capital city of Cordoba, surrounded by mountainous mountains.

The beach and spanya have all services to ensure a comfortable stay for the traveler. Among the most visited beaches are El Torreón and Corcovados, which have a very active life.


Villa Rumipal is the location of one of the most anticipated meetings in Cordoba: the provincial lake festival and traditional lake intersection, which this year garnered more than a thousand swimmers in the 38th edition.

In addition to the spa, one of the most important cities is the famous tower. This is a replica of the Spanish castle tower, which houses a resort with a waterslide, pool, maze and more.

This destination can be visited throughout the year, as it has well-equipped campsites, cabins, inns and hotels for different audiences.

Miami, a few kilometers from Cordoba

A mountain beach in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita with a natural trampoline.

On the Santa Rosa River, there are a dozen incredible spas, each with attractions for various types of common people. Miami is one of the most famous sierras beaches for young people, because its well-known rocks with high altitudes – from where more than one person likes to throw themselves into the water, sand banks and uncultivated music and good waves that flood the place that. .

Located in Santa Monica, 10 kilometers from the center of Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, known for its many points to enjoy nature and the river. This spa is ideal for sunbathing, as it has little shade, very large rocks to lie down, clear water and deep pots.
Along the seashore, visitors can find different accommodations with the amenities and services needed to spend a great day with friends, equipped with quinchos, tables, toasters and bathrooms.

Stop again

One of the must-see while visiting Santa Rosa de Calamuchita is a few kilometers to the south. It is the largest reservoir in Córdoba province, Reservoir Río Tercero. This is a large water mirror where you can practice water sports throughout the year and fishing is also allowed. Among the species that inhabit this place are pejerrey, white catfish, mojarra, trout, carp and perch.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions Yogyakarta

Indeed, Indonesia is rich in tourist destinations are so beautiful and extraordinary, this is what makes many people, especially foreign tourists ber sing gah in our beloved Indonesia. One of the attractions that seemed mandatory to visit is sites or sites Jogja Yogyakarta. Starting from the culture and uniqueness are in Jogja, besides culture and uniqueness, it turns out in Jogja also many beautiful natural sights.

Lots of famous tourist spots Jogja, ranging from prehistory to the natural heritage that is extraordinary. For those of you who love shopping can also be found on this jogja travel and not to miss the typical souvenirs jogja if you’re traveling to this jogja. Because interestingly, jogja travel now experiencing very good growth, from the past to the present is constantly increasing traffic.

Today many who need a culinary tour jogja recommendation, therefore, on this occasion will provide recommendations culinary attractions Jogja for you as a reference if you want a vacation or a trip to the city of Yogyakarta. Well, without lingering again the following we will discuss about the tourist spot famous for its beauty jogja.
Jogja Travel Destinations List of Most Popular Places

Malioboro Jogja

To sights jogja that soon we will discuss is a very famous tourist spot, tourist spot popular with a Jogja Malioboro. Is one of the favorite tourist community and tourists jogja foreign tourists who are visiting the city of Yogyakarta. Various merchandise can be found here and of course this is a place Malioboro shopping for your shoppers.

In this Malioboro you can also select a variety of souvenirs for the family at home. In addition you can shop as much in Malioboro you can also sample the culinary offerings jogja very tasty. A variety of dishes can be found in Malioboro and to be able to reach the tourist attractions jogja famous with Malioboro you can come to Jalan Malioboro, Yogyakarta.

Prambanan Yogyakarta

There is also a tourist spot which is a relic of Hindu Jogja in days of yore, where the form of the temple is known by the name of Prambanan. Temple with a height of 47 meters is a very majestic Hindu temple in the State Indonesia. Actually Prambanan which is a tourist spot Jogja is located in the middle between Central Java and Jogjakarta. Tourist attractions jogja this one does have a charm that is extraordinary.

Prambanan is extraordinary at dusk, it is in because making as if Prambanan illuminated sun gradation and looks incredible. Especially cool architectural design, makes a lot of people interested in a closer look. If you’ve heard legends roro Jonggrang, of course you will know more about this Prambanan temple. To be able to reach the tourist attractions jogja this one, please come to Prambanan, Yogyakarta.

Kaliurang Resort Jogja

Well, now there is a tourist spot Jogja is no less engrossed from sights jogja previously discussed. Sights that next we will discuss is popular with the name of Kaliurang resort with a view of the green and the air is so fresh, make a lot of people visiting this Kaliurang resort. If you want to unwind away from the noisy urban, tourist attractions jogja Kaliurang resort is the right place.

Kaliurang resort has a height of 900m above sea level, is certainly the fresh air makes your body fit. There are some facilities that can be found on sites jogja this one example as you can swim in a waterfall Telogo muncar, swim in the pool Kaliurang resort, stroll leisurely and relaxing in the shade on this Kaliurang resort. If you are interested, you can come to Hargobinangun village, Pakem, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta Keraton Jogja

Tourist attractions jogja next coolest we will discuss is a place that we call the name of Yogyakarta Palace. Javanese traditional architecture makes this place in the interest of many visitors, especially the visitors who like customs and cultures. According to the story has been completed Sultan Palace was built in 1790 ago. Keraton Yogyakarta and this is the center of activity in the sultanate of Yogyakarta Bus Pariwisata.