Fluminense And Palmeiras Update Badut Mascots For New Realities

Warrior and Pig replace the traditional Cartola and Periquito as the symbol of Brazilian clubs

Time passes, and old symbols do not always remain. This week, Palmeiras and Fluminense showed an importance of upgrading as badut so that they continue to make sense for the fans. Now the Warrior and the Pig are made official.

The most extreme case is the carioca. Fluminense definitively abandoned Cartola, a figure used since the 1940s and who represents a nobility, a cheering aristocrat who accompanies time.

Now, it is not the elitist sense of discomfort, as a liaison with the sportsman, historically called a top hat. Therefore, the club adopted the Warrior, appropriating a nickname given by the fans themselves.

“When a crowd embraced, it was up to the club to understand and embrace,” Guerreiro adds an interesting value, which evidences the fight for victories.What we wanted Turned our philosophy, a mantra, “explained Fluminense Vice President of Marketing Leonardo Lemos, To the UOL Sport.

The main issue is an association of Fluminense to the “tapetão”, to the scandals that maintained the time in the first division in the decade of 1990 and, more recently, in 2013. To be the time of no more.

It is different from the case of Palmeirense. Officially, the Parakeet is still a badut of the club, but fans, especially the young, no longer identify with the animal. Palmeiras, a few years ago, is the pig.

On Wednesday, the club announced a partnership with a Peppery agency, which has a series of online actions with the club last week, for a Libertadores game. With the motto “# RaçaPorco”, a popular mascot was used the first time in an official club campaign.

In detail, the pig has already been used by the club. In 2015, for example, the pig turned into an inflatable tunnel for players’ entry into the Allianz Park. The Parakeet still enters the field but is more and more supportive.

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