Outbound Malang Packages

Outbound Malang Packages

Outbound di Malang – Any company or organization must be used in handling the handles. Seminars or companies have standards that are set in the qualification of employees or members. With the exception of the connection of companies or labor standardization institutions, a routine has also been carried out to update recreational activities or events every day. Companies or organizations usually not only lead to leisure activities, but as a way to increase productivity.

Nowadays, many companies have used as an outbound activity free time quality system, such as outbound di malang , activities in Malang, participants are not only traveling but also the benefit of self-development, such as adding self-confidence, leadership coaching, strengthening labor relations with the team Ready to face all the problems at work.

Based on the characteristics of companies or institutions that are not the same, the purpose of the show is the intention until we sell the same few outgoing packages that match you. Our outbound di malang packages are:

outbound di malang

  1. the whole of the Alps This package is an adult package that is to improve the quality of self-employment and the team. With expiration date, you can see and receive free tickets like Songgoriti and Coban Rondo full service with troubleshooting and effective communication equipment, snacks and drinks, Tightrope, experienced instructors and trainers. This package has a price of Degan Rp 120,000 / person.
  2. Outbound di malang Kidz This package is dedicated to children or students. Come outside to improve child goals, trust in and discover the possibilities of children. With services and exciting games, and teachers and cordial intermediaries, professionals, sure children brought more to life. The cost of this package is Rp 85,000 / pax.

3. rafting package. Rafting this quick surf package Brantas with class 3, 12 km long trail 2-3 hours rafting in Malang. The                     price for this week is Rp 165. 000 / person for the weekend Rp 180,000 / person.

  1. airsoft and paintball. They want a sense of war? Airsoft and paintball gun package that same suitable alternative. You will feel your adrenaline when he faces an opponent like a war. Paintball with Rp price 150.000 / pax and Rp airsoft 120 000 / person.

Different packages we offer interesting? Let’s make a reservation for the most colorful holidays.

Motivation Outbound Malang

Motivation Outbound Malang

Taking one of the guided tours and offers many positive benefits, especially for self-development. But what is out? Suppose there is an activity that is in the open space, which is some people like self-training. Outbound di Malang are different types, namely motivation outbound di malang and team formation Malang out. Under the assumption, comes from the outside by Dr. Kurt Hahn, the first source of inspiration developed, never informed. Its development is based primarily on military facilities, many soldiers prepare for the challenges, the hard and courageous heart.

But with the growing season is not outbound and effective and innovative training. Not only has become so popular abroad. Malang is a problem that is really the best show supplier is Malang, outbound di malang activity of the same age and the intention of the operator to pursue. All these materials are packaged in many games.

Motivation Outbound di Malang is not the same. Early on ice breaker,

outbound di malang

Fun games, effective communication, problem solving and courage games. Ijsbreuk comes from English, which means that the ice is to rest. The point is to break ice or stiffness individual participants because of the differences of age, status, service or do not know either. Ice breaking is concentrated in the same direction, dynamic and warm.

Unless you’re not Malang do gehoorzit the ice road full of exciting games is also fun games that increase efficiency and make laughter and hot situation. Self-development material, such as resolution and effective communication problems also shows the vehicle in Malang.

They are virtually ready to be difficult, with good faith and step, with which thyme relationship works, better and surpass. With the exception of events in Outbound di Malang, Malang edition also provides a full service, trainers and teachers are friendly and competent and also other means that have positive statements Malang.


Game Outbound Malang

Game Outbound Malang

Outbound di Malang is so popular among the various types of creative and people to attract Malang games. Now I will cover an article about handball games and swap.

The ball by hand is based on a special game creates for trainers to train, compete and collaborate as a team. The game is simple, but it is also useful for outbound malang participants. In the wrong hands, the ball is not equipment. I just need a ball.

So simple, ugly street ball game is like a football game. But outbound di malang game Hand balls from one to the other. In addition to the usual football game, commentators always follow the direction of the ball. But the ugly side since the start of the mistake, players follow the speaker check.

outbound di malang

Generally outbound di malang and  participants divided into different teams. Each team is divided into 1-10 participants. Can compete with the Semasing team to move the ball in hand in hand. Certainly, with the followers of every word of the speaker.

Huh very interesting wah? You can learn to concentrate, but packed in a game outbound malang that is interesting and entertaining. The main point of the day or the situation in question / problem is for sure. The actual concentration above this fundamental productivity.

Without a high concentration, it’s hard for us to make us happy. Consequently, the concentration is so important and must be encouraged. Our mind should not miss – positioning because it can cause concentration problems.

The mind has to concentrate at a point in the job. With more days, so we think we’re stronger. It makes sense, many philosophies in the wrong game. By releasing the badly innovative interesting games and best quality.

So, what you do as soon as possible on your vacation with us and collecting Outbound di Malang Tourism. Get out of experience different and exciting with us.

Training Outbound Malang

Training Outbound Malang

The secret of success an individual is constantly innovating and evolving for the better outbound malang . In an organization is not enough just leader, but also needed a solid team and able to communicate well. With all that, then any problems encountered along will feel easy to pass. Eventually of a lot of companies that declined. What caused it ?  A company is not just relying on the name or leaders. A company can stand and thrive when the Human Resources that support also qualified. Not only rely number of employees, but also should consider the quality of work as well.

Proverb says little better but gold, than much but rubbish. How can the quality of Human Resources of a company ?. Every company in at least once a year should hold training or gathering. Because in a training event / gathering, companies can enter values ​​to work well and provide high motivation.

But the training event / gathering will feel monotonous and bored as fill in the event that that’s it. And how not ersifat monotonous and even memorable fun. Our No Limit Adventure solution. We are a provider of outbound reliable in Malang, East Java. We have more than 10 years standing and outbound event serve clients from various cities in Indonesia.

Material Outbound

The material we put together in such a way outbound covers,

  • High Motivation, High Performance

How to build and find the key – the key to motivation in improving work performance.

  • Team Work and Sinergy Capacity

Build balance of leadership and followership build happy interactions in the office.

  • Team Building

How to build cohesiveness and comfort in an office or company.

  • Objectives of Outbound

The program we have designed as tools process internalization of values ​​- the value of the company (Corporate Values) with the goal of keeping the value’s that has been there not only to knowledge (brain memory) but further than that capable of being Myelin (Muscle Memory) that can translate into culture and performance measures in the frame of spirituality. More specifically the purpose of this activity are:

  • Relive (Reawakening) employees’ commitment to implementing corporate values.
  • Removing and neutralize (Release) problems – emotional and social problems that may occur in the implementation of the value of daily interactions at work and tekanas outside the lines of the company.
  • Refreshing back (Refresh) the importance of providing best effort service for the benefit of companies that will be positively correlated with the welfare of the family.
  • Building a camaraderie (Synergy) with the principle – the principle of a balanced leadership and followership.
  • Searching for meaning (of finishing, Meaning and Calling) in the work which is based on the spirit of service to the community, the nation, and the State.outbound malang

Of course outbound event is not only meant the company or agency. Some organizations also need the sekolan and events such as outbound to refresh and improve the community and team building among individuals or even for a family gathering that could strengthen the relationship.

Outbound facilities is in getting

– Ice Breaking

– Fun Games

– Team Building

– Effective Communication

– Problem Solving

– Instructors and experienced facilitators

– Outbound Standard Equipment

– Lunch & Snack

– Mineral Water

– The game of High Roop (Flying Fox, Spider Web, Two Line Bridge)

– Free Admission Places

(If Outbound travel locations do in Coban Rondo / Songgoriti)


So wait let alone join us in No Limit Adventure. Remember Outbound unforgettable, remember No Limit Adventure.

Package Outbound Malang

Package Outbound Malang

Morning friends, do not feel so we’ve entered the month of Ramadan, the holy month with an abundance of blessing. In the month of Ramadan this year coincides with the school holidays. Usually school holiday period is a time when parents will be busy looking for a holiday destination (Outbound Malang). You are always a wave of worry because after the school holidays stout once the school needs to be met. In outline you have to save your holiday budget? Wah really too huh? Then the holiday as what should you choose?

outbound malang

Now with a million reasons like this. We, Outbound Malang present to you. We are a provider of outbound reliable in Malang. With presents educational tour that we Paket Outbound Malang. Not only outbound but also travel packages paintball, rafting, airsoft gun, and much more.

Here are the package outbound malang we offer:

  1. Package Outbound Malang Alpine Pack (Only Rp 120.000, – / Pack)

outbound malang package that is suitable for those of you intending holidaying together with friends work together, or a large family with you. Due to various outbound material designed specifically for shaping the character and build team solidarity.

With a duration of one day and an affordable price you will get amenities such as:

  • Ice Breaking Games
  • Fun Games
  • Team Building
  • Effective Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Instructors and experienced facilitators
  • Equipment Standard Outbound
  • Lunch and Snack
  • Mineral Water
  • Free admission tickets sights (Coban Rais / Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti)

As well as various combinations of outbound packages such as alpine pack

-Outbound Alpine Package Complete Pack (High Rope Games = Flying fox, Two Line Bridge, Spiderweb) Rp 120.000, – / pack

-Package Alpine Outbound Travel Pack complete and picking apples (Rp 135.000, – / pack)


  1. Batu Rafting Packages Only Rp 165.000, – (Weekdays) and Rp 180,000, – (weekend)

For those of you who are interested in river adventure and adrenaline. This package is perfect Batu laneways Rafting you. Presenting an exciting rafting tours with rafting ± 12km route length.

The facilities were obtained:

  • Batu Rafting (12 Km)
  • Rescue Team
  • River Guide
  • Welcome Drink
  • Lunch
  • Tea Break and Snack at Rest Area
  • Shuttle Car (From the finish point towards basecamp)
  • Standard equipment (perhu, Paddle, Helmet, Buoy)
  1. Package Children Kids (Rp 85.000, up to Rp 90,000)

outbound malang package is also called educational tours Since we deliberately designed the team outbound ,outbound travel with a bandage educational tour enjoyable. So indirectly you will learn while playing.

Facilities we provide for children kids packages are

  • fun games
  • Team Building
  • Games and high rope (flying fox, spider web and a two-line bridge that we provide specifically for children)
  • Lunch
  • Snack and mineral water
  • Facilitators were welcoming and friendly for children
  • entrance ticket outbound locations in Tirta Nirwana Songgoriti Kota Batu

How you are interested in our outbound travel package deals? We memberikas traveled with a budget solution that is affordable. Immediately schedule your holiday you with us in the Outbound Malang Travel. The best outbound partner.

Games Outbound Malang

Permainan Outbound Malang – High Rope Games

In an outbound malang training event will likely feel less if there is no,  high rope games. Games High Rope is a challenging game adrenaline. High Rope Games including is High Impact Games, ie games that require the proper equipment, security high level and also an experienced trainer outbound.

High Rope Games usually done at a height of ± 10 meters. Usually you will be invited to climb a nets(Spider Web) which will take you on a tree branch with a height of 10 meters. Wah quite horrified too huh? Outbound Malang, you do not need to worry because before boarding your jarinf been given the completeness of safety equipment such as harnesses Sit / Body harnesses, Carrabiner (Ring of Hook), Webbing (Safety Harnesses) and Helmet.

outbound malang

All is provided for participants meresa happy da n comfortable in following HighRope Games. After you climb a rope above the altitude (Two Line Bridge), you will be served until in a vehicle flying fox. From here you will feel a real adrenaline peak. Because of the height of 15 meters you will skate down to the last post.

Wah also exciting huh? Indeed games like this that are loved many people. Because it is far from boring test your adrenaline. So that you feel the refreshing truth. High Rope Games circuit in the form of a sequence of Spider web, the process by which we climb upwards towards the nets, Two Line Bridge, climb a rope above the altitude to reach the flying fox rides, then skated down to the last post. Contains the philosophy that to reach something high, we have to be patient to crawl from the bottom until we reach a success which was gained by struggle.

Some aim of the High Rope Games include:

  • Train participants to be responsive
  • Train courage
  • shape positive mindset
  • Provides the sensation of vacation fun and new
  • Growing confidence
  • Have a good understanding of performance
  • Fostering a sense of unyielding spirit
  • Likes a challenge

So where can we find that sort of thing?

Yes only Outbound Malang answer. Outbound Malang is a best provider of outbound at Malang City. Outbound Malang offers a variety of outbound packages with varied and affordable price. One of the packages we offer the outbound Outbound Package Alpine Pack. Outbound package Alpine Pack is suitable for outbound event a company or institution. In alpine pack outbound package there is also a high rope games are very popular among participants outbound.

How you are interested to join us? Immediately schedule your holiday with us in the Outbound Malang. the Best Provider Outbound in Malang.

Outbound Malang Center

Leisure time visited tourist attractions that several actions throughout the holidays or even week-ends. Holidays using the loved ones is actually a method to obtain the connection involving the progressively heat as well as harmonious loved ones. Vacationing also can get rid of fatigue or even stress coming from the busy everyday lifestyle.


To make additional intimacy in among loved ones or even friends is actually obtaining thicker, the required duties tend to be carried out along. However What‘s this in order to be able for you to help journey to enhance interpersonal human relationships as well as group inside the same exercise? You ought to think about. The reply is open up.


training outbound malang

Outbound Malang actions which have actions with regard to enjoyable, presently right now generally at this time there may actually end up being a good various journey arrangements should be thought-about. Game divorcing intriquing virtually finished inside the cluster offers a chance to boost the unity as well as interpersonal awareness.

Outbound should be also noticed in an effort to enhance journey as well as sociable cohesion, but additionally in an effort to discover their own prospective as well as create. Maybe for several individuals, they don‘t really know what prospective they‘ve whenever their own accomplishments tend to be educated after which create the actual prospective you have.

The actual formation associated with management along with elevated self-esteem is likewise the actual individual improvement which You are feeling when the beginning. Outbound Malang centers outbound package deal is extremely engaging for you. Outbound Malang info give details about the actual show, so that you could obtain issues outside the actual specification associated with.

Outbound Malang can provide you with a totally different expertise since it has shown that show malang differs coming from the other people. They‘re headed through moderators as well as instructors tend to be pleasant as well as experienced, along with some other supporting amenities are extremely total because other people.

To the area, you are able to select coming from the concept you want, for example open up areas or even indoors. Outbound outbound actions withinside Malang below outbound group developing, inspirational outbound, outbound coaching as well as enjoyable games. Journey Malang showing a lot of unforgettable as well as worthwhile, not just enjoyable, but additionally contains facets of training, coaching as well as improvement associated with affective as well as psychomotor elements.

Location of Outbound

“Paris Van East Java” could be that the city’s nickname when one thinks of Malang. The specific nickname Isn‘t solely the fantasy, lovely scenery because of Malang, recent air as well as like to insert, as an example, withinside Paris.


The particular beauty coming from the town when one thinks of Malang tend to get a lot of visible with the evening. The specific splendor coming from the town offers an opportunity to respond along with entirely totally different areas while not related outbound Malang concerning site guests within your web website. This sort of city is typically hectic on the actual activities coming from the residents truly just about almost most evening.


training outbound malang

Besides Malang It‘s truly described as a town connected for this plan, together with the actual town school college pupil provides several schools as well as colleges, levels, each nationally as well as globally.
Furthermore produces extreme tourism business is actually likewise the actual foremost engaging town when one thinks of Malang. totally different culture as well as well liked wisdom offers Malang town magnet, for instance native as well as worldwide tourists
Several attractions withinside Malang is basically mounted within the place from the particular tourists Mesmerize in a position to carry away that you may assist reluctant in order to be able for you to help go back to assist their own individuals.
Outbound procedures nowadays counted in the summary coming from the trip. Journey from the educational training character ideas through by using the regions which carry the specific characters, very cool plan is actually energetic.
Because of Malang possess various attractions, coming coming from the result procedures throughout these types of locations. All of the outgoing factors Malang, namely :
1. Coban Rondo
2. Coban Rais
3. Selecta
4. Songgoriti
5. Cangar
6. Tourism Village Farmers Temas.
7. Kampung Wisata Kungkuk
8. Pujon Kidul journey Pujon

Nice one some other in comparison by using the current biological area, whilst additionally Malang common make use of coming from the meeting area, hotel area, or maybe when one thinks of official drought occasions. Outbound Malang outbound procedures, someone that serves the complete provisions, and also a skilled crew.

Location of Outbound in Batu

Beji Outbound Malang Ay can include a good outbound Seems terribly acquainted when The is perfect for A person. Seeds outgoing Malang? not really Seeds, however Beji, not really Seed (biji ) correct !. Is actually The Very Beji village is really a district Junrejo Within, Batu.


training outbound malang


Beji village adjacent in order to be able for you to help The actual Village at the village Ngandat Temas. Beji Outbound Malang is really a commonly discovered Kampung Lumbung. Is actually Kampung Lumbung is really a located Jalan Ir. Sukarno, is really a 1 Aspect in order to be able for you to help wellness Beji, Batu.


Kampung Lumbung is really a Embrace In an exceedingly 3 celebrity resort is really a Batu. The actual Picture associated with Kampung Lumbung terribly nice when unusual treats can read the actual countryside.
A good admittance is actually Kampung Lumbung Is actually Additionally terribly Naman, is really a IR. The actual Sukarno Road flip in the direction of Thee is really a open community wellness clinic, not really at any time faraway from the actual Clinic A person can SEE Kampung Lumbung Boutique Resort.
Outbound is really a Beji Malang using the area established Kampung Lumbung is actually good with regard to A person Following a want outbound aactiivity surrounded through exotic organic reproduction.
endeavor is really a Malang This Accurate when a person when a person have a a lot of colorful when exertion when Duties. Guided through competent teachers associated with experienced facilitators which experts can improve your own outgoing Beji’s excitement Outbound Malang.
Kampung Lumbung Boutique Hotel May 36 bedrooms Just about almost most could be developed when an excellent when style. Mara Ming methods give consolation for instance linen, towels, web accessibility -: WiFi, (totally free of charge ), your own The desk. Besides Kampung Lumbung that additionally supply amenities State for instance your own poles Laan The Garden, A person can appreciate outbound or even pay The Time’s struggle when Malang. nah image following the outbound Beji along Outbound Malang? not really terribly exciting, lets simply settled outbound Malang.