Is the Land Trust Dead and Passed by in Real Estate?

Over the years we have made a brief sale in the field of land trust. We stopped working on a short sales process about seven years ago just because it was faster and more cost effective for professional negotiators to do all the work. Some investors disagree because they believe that any negotiator does not work “enough” for their best interests; However, it depends on the ability of the negotiator.

Recently, some students continue to say that Realtors® and lenders will not accept land trust as buyers. Because some complain so much, they almost make me believe this. Agent of this list tells the Student to make a purchase with their respective name or the name of their entity. All Students are required to make appropriate jasa topografi changes and there is usually no problem with the deal.

The problem with land trust as a buyer is that they allow the beneficiaries of the land trust to be moved or replaced at any time before or after the closure. This transfer of ownership remains anonymous in public records so that the seller or lender has no idea that ownership of trust has been altered.

WARNING – if you close the property with confidence of the land and then transfer the favorable interest after closing, you are legally responsible for paying transfers and / or documentaries to your county. If you transfer a favorable interest before the initial closing, you will pay the transfer tax at the time of closing and are not required to do it again until you transfer a title or a beneficial interest in the future.

When and if you change the trustee, you should only pay the applicable recording fee. Do not try to use the land trust to take advantage of County to save a few dollars in how to record and transfer costs because they think they will not catch you because maybe and fines can be expensive.

A few days ago a new Student, who had a six-figure income last year made only a short sale, called me and asked me questions about the offer he made. As we talked, I raised the problem from HOA Estoppel Letter. With the Household Owners Association (HOA), they often want buyers approved and for investors meaning to approve buyers “B” and buyers “C” – a double whammy. The issue of owner approval by HOA has become a killer deal for many investors who do not know the solution to the problem. Some HOAs only meet every three months so the time between Letter Estoppel approval can be very extreme.

In short, if you use a land trust as a HOA property buyer, HOA Applications may be submitted to your trustee – your final buyer. There’s nothing interesting about this concept unless you do not know it, but we’ve been doing it for years.

Of great interest is that a Student who has a 6-figure income in a short sale last year made a 100% offer in confidence in the land and almost all of it was agreed with the trust of the land as a buyer. Only Wells Fargo and Bank of America are reluctant to let the land be trusted as buyers but the problem is solved by letting them see the confidence of the land itself. In some dispersed cases, the closing agent will ask the land trust to see that the trustee has the legal power to purchase the property and it is okay.

The feedback I get from Students is the agent / seller / lender will not accept the confidence of the land while I suspect most if not 98% of all offers filed with the land trust is okay with the seller. We never had REO’s offer in the land trust denied. At best Mitigation Loss Manager or Asset Manager may ask to see a land trust document and it’s okay. Our biggest hurdle is the list of agents who believe that the land trust is illegal and, with their own admission, they then do not submit the offer.

Things to Know When Buying Land

Are you tired of the daily work of 9 to 5 and plan to switch to agriculture? Many of you see agriculture as a great platform for earning money, but what you need to realize is that there is not much difference urugan semarang in the amount of effort you make in your daily work and farming.

Basically, agriculture is referred to as a wide variety of agricultural production. Earnings worthy and more than investment. Well, no doubt, the fact is true. But, if you have a plan to farm, you can not turn a blind eye, there are some things to consider for smart investments in farmland.


While looking for agricultural land for sale, decide which parts of the country want to have agricultural production. This, in turn, will depend on whether you want to harvest the crop or want to build a business. Also, do you want land for dairy farming or simple organic farming.


Once you have made your decision, continue to check the current marketing status of a particular job. But if you can not decide, then with the help of market prices and certain trade reports, say agriculture, find out why this is a smart purchasing decision.

Agricultural Investment

Basically, people buy land for farming. If this is what you are planning, then do not forget to know the type of soil. You make the soil tested because it will provide an existing or missing nutrient report from the soil and nutritional needs added to the soil to express the condition that can be processed. Given this, it will not lend your investment in the future.


Obviously, hiring an agent to buy land should be the first consideration after you’ve decided on the land trade. Prefer to hire brokers because they provide a lot of information and explain the procedures and procedures that will be responsible for certain transaction fees. In addition, they will set final terms for buyers and sellers to meet the demands of a written contract.


Determining your financial needs can help you find the right property to invest, whether on land, land with property, or farmland. Your current banker can be a source of lending money to your home or business. In fact, your broker should have knowledge that can help you get the size of the farm you can afford.


Zoning is something quite new to farmland. This is a property location check before you make a final decision. For this you need to visit the courthouse to determine if your land is categorized or not. And if categorized, what are the requirements? Taking help from a broker or broker is something useful.

Market value

Now, the last thing to think about is to know the market value of the area. It is important for your future reference whenever you have a plan to sell the land. Make a study of the average land value in the area and get the general idea how much it will cost after a few years. This is a major consideration that can be very helpful in getting an affordable piece of land. Ask for basic research and take time to make purchasing decisions. If you have any doubts, never ignore them.

An important strategy for Heavy Equipment Auction!

Heavy equipment auctions offer many items for sale are not very different from many other business ventures, certain strategies are very important in order to be successful. In each type of auction, both sellers and buyers establish separate strategies in the hope of being successful in this bid setting. While sellers are looking for methods that will allow it to get the highest price for the equipment sold, the buyer wants a useful way to purchase jasa topografi at a price lower than market value. Both sides may use different successful strategies at the same time.

In addition, the purchase of equipment in the auction requires a well-rounded knowledge of the rules and the rights and obligations of the participants registered.

Here are some basic strategies for heavy equipment auctions:

Observations – Try to attend the auction area commercial trucks to gain a good understanding of what is really going on at the site of the sale. Observe not only how to bid in place, but the overall flow of the entire process.

Financing – the buyer must set a good financing ahead of time so that the maximum amount that can be spent will be known. Payment of at least 10% of the successful bid must generally be paid on the day of the auction. This amount should be immediately available because most vendors do not want to wait for that deposit.

Research – Conduct research on local prices of any desired truck dam establish limits on the amount to be paid, it is very easy to be persuaded by the intensity of a live auction, but it is also important to control one’s emotions. in all other competitors and had the winning bid without paying too much money for equipment.

Artificial Offer – Do you know how to identify a clone deals? When attending an auction, make sure that oppose those deals that really no equipment to buy and no participant fraud.

Offer end – Choose become final offers. This means that as the participants, the number of bids to be placed in the latter stages of an auction. When using this strategy it is important to look for opportunities when the majority of people who have participated dropping out and then allowed to bid during the last few minutes, shortly before the fall of the hammer, this could be a successful strategy

Special methods – Become familiar with the bidding method that is used by the caller, such as the quote below. For items with an estimated price of $ 290,000 or $ 300,000 over the budget may not be enough to win the auction. Consider rise to between ten and twenty percent higher than the offer price.

Strategy English – This is a simple method of placing a small amount on an item that is only enough for the competitors to market value is reached and then stops. The great advantage of this game plan is to get the information by observing participants who drop out and the amount by which the competitors have stopped offering.

To offer to participate in various auctions of heavy equipment, specific strategies must be considered. It is important that the bidders know the maximum value of each vehicle is being sold to prevent falling into something called the winner’s curse, which usually happens when the winner is announced to pay more than the market price for the item.

Why More Heavy Equipment Buying From Auctions?

For some businesses, buy a good quality and heavy duty commercial vehicles fully functional is a key element that is essential for success. Many people are choosing auctions as their preferred method because it will get the necessary machinery for doing work related to the business because of the many benefits found in this type of sale. Companies can find great deals on vehicles required at very affordable jasa ukur tanah semarang prices that can increase profits for the business prospects,


The auction offers buyers the possibility of the vehicles were obtained at competitive prices that meet the specific needs of the business. Bidding on the equipment offered for sale at auction provides various benefits by offering a wide range of heavy-duty trucks are highly functional with many years of service life remaining.

This is because many industries to upgrade their fleet on a regular basis and sell old equipment in this type of setting. auction company that wants to sell the vehicle because they still look like new, have less maintenance requirements, and are in good working condition. Quality equipment is probably still intact.

The price is right

The main reason for the purchase of heavy utility vehicles on the auction was exceptional harga.transaksi available and deals usually starts with a low price. The machines have a heavy duty price tag sometimes significantly lower than the actual market value for the vehicle.

Purchase Process fast

The possibility of purchasing the goods quickly and easily significantly higher in the setting of the auction. As long as the buyer is well-informed about the process and have obtained the right financing, the sale can be completed in a matter of days. After the hammer down, a legally binding contract exists between the buyer and seller there until the terms of the sale have been met.

No undisclosed

At the auction, all the necessary requirements (legal documents and documentation of the lease) is transparent and available. All the important data is easily accessible and can often be downloaded from the internet. Nevertheless, it is still important to ask for more details about the bidding process to have the proper guidance.

There are many reasons to buy heavy equipment assignments by auction. Getting a vehicle in this mode can be the best and fastest way to find a vehicle that can be used in good working condition that looks like new and can last for a long time, but there are some things to consider.