TIPS CHILDREN CARING FOR DOGS – In order puppy grow and develop properly, the necessary willingness and determination to teach him some exercise and certain proseur about how to behave. The following are the basic things that must be considered when you are caring for children Dogs:
  • Patience and compassion are the meek
  • Understanding dog behavior in general
  • Consistently taught
  • Creating rules
  • Take the time to be together

After eating and sleeping, playing is the most important priority for the puppy, and of course playing very well for growth. In addition to ourselves which is considered as a playmate, puppy so fond of playing with various toys (eg socks that are bound to bite). The toys are given to be suitable for the age of puppy, and you must immediately replace it so the toy has been damaged so that children do not swallow dog toy parts or pieces that have been damaged as this can make digestive disorders.

More often ourselves and puppy playing together, he will assume you are the most important thing for him. The more often he wants to be with and fun, the easier it is to be controlled.

Praise and reward

Dogs love praise and rewarded by something if he did things the way you want. This will make the dog learn to behave properly. In addition, give praise and reward is a fast and fun way to train your dog.

Trains in order to comply

The interaction between you and your pet puppy should be happy and fun, because it indicates that you are her best friend. Because he considers you his friend then he will always try to please yourself. Create an atmosphere where the puppy can get a gift from you for doing things right and in accordance with your will, rather than letting it do the things you do not like then you give a warning.

Show him where the correct behavior and give a gift when he was doing it right. Warn puppy saying ‘Do not!’, ‘Arghhh’, in an angry tone when he does things you do not want. Or surprise him with shouts, grunts, and slapped both palms of your hands loudly. Face and gaze continues until it goes away. Another important thing is to adjust the level of training required for puppy, do not be too excessive but also not be less.

Taking care

In order for children Dogs always feel comfortable and happy to be near you, give more attention to himself by hugging and stroking. More often treated like that, he increasingly had the feeling of calm, so that if one day she was taken to the vet he will not bite when stressed or held-hold. In addition, when the puppy accustomed to being touched and caressed, there will be confidence in you and your puppy will be more receptive to the presence of others or your immediate family.

oral health

Once you have a puppy, check his mouth, see if the gums have a problem and teeth clean from tartar. To clean the gums and teeth, start by applying a special dog toothpaste on the finger and rub. After that, you can get used to brushing their teeth wear special toothbrush for dogs are widely available in pet shops.

Eating Problems In Dogs

Problems often found in purebred dogs fan is the problem of their pet dog appetite. In fact, before the dog is purchased or maintained their appetite is very good and high. After a few days maintained, appetite begins to decrease or dogs get bored with their regular food. About Dog the owner was getting confused with another brand of dog food to buy or try other foods. Would be given the morning, afternoon no longer wanted. The period should be every meal, dog food must change-change ?. If you have this, the dog will be uninterrupted growth, the body starts to thin, reduced stamina and ultimately disease.

Hasil gambar untuk Cara merawat anjing

Some things cause decreased appetite dog:

1. Dogs only maintained its own, no friends so the lack of competitiveness.

2. Dogs newly arrived new home directly fed (read the article: Tips on caring for newly purchased dog).

3. Dogs have problems with digestion, such as worms, bloating or heartburn.

4. The dog is still in a state of pain or stress.

5. The dog is spoiled.

6. Dogs are often given a snack or snack.

7. Schedule and eating disorder.

8. Activity less.

Steps should be taken:

1. Maintain more than 1 dogs, so there is a friend to play and compete. All dogs must eat together so as to make her fearful dog will seize food. So the dog would race to finish his meal

2. Do not feed the dog for a minimum of 6 hours, when a new dog arrives home.

3. Provide regular de-worming.

4. If the dog is in pain or stress conditions. Try, cured completely. During the illness, dogs are fed a special vitamin appetite enhancer.

5. Do not pamper your dog. Give him a full day of fasting schedule every week. Do not let me eat in one day, only given drinking water only.

6. Stop giving snacks or munchies. Do not be too introduce taste in dogs, because it will reduce the appetite if given the dry dog ​​food.

7. Create a regular meal schedule. Dog puppies until the age of 3 months, eat four times a day, give a distance of about 4-5 hours. For dogs over the age of 3 months, eat 3 times at intervals of 6-7 hours. For dogs over 6 months, fed 2 times with a distance of 12 hours.Allow about 20 minutes for the dogs spend their food. If you have not run out after 20 minutes, immediately remove and should not be given again until the next meal schedule.

8. Olahragakan dog regularly one hour before the meal schedule.

How to restore the appetite of dogs?

Day 1: Dogs are fasted, do not be fed at all within 24 hours.

Day 2-4: Give the dog eats with ¼ portion of a regular meal portions. Give me 20 minutes, if not exhausted soon be lifted.

Day 5-6: When on days 2-4 dogs had spent the meal portions, eating more may be added ¼ servings. If not, do leave ¼ servings.

Day 7: Dogs were fasted again.

Day 8-13: Add up to ¾ eating food portions should be.

Day 14: Dogs are fasted again.

Day 15: Give the meal with 1 portion.

Furthermore, every day 7 dogs were fasted.


The dog is in good health, this therapy should not be applied if the dog was ill.

Every day the dog is given vitamin appetite enhancer.

Do not use a benchmark servings listed on the packing dog food for every dog ​​is different needs.