Treatment To Suppress Swollen Eyes

If we tend to have swollen eyelids probably because of the imbalance in our diet, so we should choose to include more fruits and vegetables and drink more water.

There are many people who wake up every day with swollen eyes. They can be eyelids or just under the eyes and, in general, tend to deflate slightly during the day.

In this article we explain how you can overcome this problem which gives tired aspect and deviates to the face and that, in addition, is a symptom of some imbalance in our body.
Fluid retention

When we have eyelids and swollen pockets under the eyes we must take into account that we suffer from fluid retention, which also occurs in other body areas such as the abdomen, legs or ankles.

The main cause of excessive loss of excess fluid is renal overload, which can not be removed quickly enough.

This can happen at the right time after an excessive dinner or a bad night’s rest, but if it happens often, we should take care of kidney function in a natural way to prevent more serious health problems.
How to treat the kidneys?

We can facilitate renal function with the following natural treatments:

Soup and broth of shallots, spring onion, lettuce, asparagus, etc.
Dandelion infusion, burdock and ponytail.
Lemonade with stevia and ginger.
Natural fruit and vegetable juice.

It is also important to drink water during the day and outside the food and, if we have the possibility, apply some local heat on the lower back before going to bed. Natural beauty. We can use hot water bags or electric mats. This simple therapy is very useful to facilitate kidney work.
Watch out for dinner

The moment when our eyes swell the most is when we wake up and, especially if we’ve been exceeded by dinner, we’re late or we’ve eaten salty food or we do not digest it well.

In this way, the eye becomes an indicator to see if we have eaten in a healthy way for our organism, beyond aesthetic questions.

We recommend following these tips for dinner:

Do not eat more than 8.
Choose snacks and avoid carbohydrates (flour, pasta, starch, etc.).
Remove salt, especially table salt, and choose a little salt and marinade (spices, vinegar, lemon). Keep in mind that many foods contain large amounts of salt, such as cheese, sausage or cooked.
Avoid eating until we feel full. Much healthier to stay a little hungry, which will disappear after 15 minutes.

What to do in the morning?

When we wake up with swollen eyes we can follow these steps:

We will drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach and then green tea with ginger.
We will wash my face with cold water.
We will lie down and put two pieces of fresh cucumber over closed eyes, for 10 or 15 minutes.
We will wash my face again and moisturize with regular lotions.

Tonic house

If you suffer from this problem every day, we suggest you make this great home tonic that lets you deflate your eyes more quickly and effectively.

Cucumber liquid medium
Juice of half lemon
10 drops of vitamin E


Prepare the juice with both of these foods.
We will introduce it in a jar with a spray to be able to spray it on our faces.
We can store it in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

Rose water


Rose water is another product that gives color and reduces skin at the same time that helps keep skin tighter and younger. We can find it in shamans and natural product stores, because it is used for aesthetics and consumption.

The aroma is delicious and refreshing, and it carries a delicate feminine aroma like perfume.

We can apply it on the face or moisten two cotton discs and place it on closed eyelids for about 10 or 15 minutes. The result will be immediate and our eyes will be deflated and much more vital.

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