Best Clown Costume in Bandung

How are you doing Business Information? Hopefully, everything is always given the health and success of a family, this time we will talk briefly about clown Bandung.

The Kostum Badut is a service profession entertaining others with various characters and funny behavior, various mimics will be played by the clown good sad, silly, fun, laughing, crying and even mocking. People who can behave like this are called clowns. In contrast to the clown costume, he is a manifestation and development of the clown profession. Everything either the behavior or character of a dress, dress or costume is designed to resemble a clown (with a distended stomach) then called a clown costume.

The clown is an entertainer who polishes his face with thick powder and weird dress, and eloquently demonstrates funny mimics. Clown profession is actually quite old. It is said, since the days of ancient Greece and ancient Rome. They not only make the laughs of the rich people who are stressed out through the show. But also entertaining and making a living in the streets or known as ramen. With the ability to pantomime with silly slapstick movements, they may be one of the oldest street vendors in the world. There are many providers of clown rental services Bandung today.

Historically, clowns refer to someone with funny makeup (sometimes mimicking comic characters), thick makeup and unique colored costumes, have the ability to demonstrate funny faces and silly movements, without the slightest release of words. This is what distinguishes it from conventional comedians. Towards the era of modern cinema, the clown character inspired many entertainment business figures. For example, comedians Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton adopted the spirit of the clowns in all of his films. Begin the development of a new era of bidding, from initially singing on the street, becoming an integral part of the entertainment business.

Clown by type, Mascot Clown, Clown Mascot is a clown made by a company to make a real mascot/logo of their company to the public. Clown mascots can be used for brand recognition, corporate promotions, exhibitions, or enhancing a team in sporting events,

Character Clown, Clown Character is a clown of movie characters favored by children like superman, batman, robin, Spongebob, Tom & jerry, etc. The use of character clowns is often found to enliven birthday parties, family gathering, promotions, etc.

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