5 Benefits of Salt For Beauty


In general, the salt used to flavor a dish. This is because in the absence of salt our food would be bland. Sodium chlorine (NaCl) or salt has benefits to regulate the fluid balance in the body kita.salt

Besides being used for flavoring dishes, there is also the use of salt for treatment. Texture of coarse salt that can be used as a mask, scrub or even to treat acne. For more details, go see 5 Benefits of Salt for Beauty below.

Remove acne
One of the most dreaded skin disease of women is acne. as this can result in reduced self-confidence of a person. Acne usually appear suddenly. If this happens to you, try using salt to ease the existing acne on your skin.

Preventing dry skin and oily
Oily skin is one of the sources causes of acne. try doing home care using only the way easily enough salt mix the salt with warm water and then spray on the face. Do this treatment twice a day for balancing oil production, acne and prevent the entry of bacteria trigger acne.

Did you know that salt is a natural emollient for the skin. Slightly rough texture can make exfoliate dead skin cells. The minerals contained in it can also soften and moisturize the skin. The trick grab salt to taste and mix with olive oil you can also add the essential oils such as vanilla, lavender or cinnamon. Besides being used for scrubbing can also be used to relax the body.

Face cleanser
To make your facial cleanser sufficient mixing 1 teaspoon of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of tea in a small bowl. Then do gentle massage on the neck and face area by using the mixture. It is very useful to remove the remaining makeup. After this treatment Rinse face thoroughly.

As a remedy for infected leg
If you experience problems that this one should not rush to go to the doctor to treat it. You can use salt and warm water to soak the infected foot. Let stand for half an hour. For maximum results Try applying this treatment twice a day.

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