How Do You Go Through The Holiday Season?

Although today, it can be very annoying, especially when you have previously seen a Christmas item that fills a lot of place just like the one in store, maybe because the weather is now beginning to change, then there are many people who later become remembered in the season A holiday that is getting faster and faster. Yet the current holiday season is indeed supposed to be filled with a sense of happiness and even joy. It is usually will be one thing that is very annoying, especially for many people. Therefore, to be able to plan it, then you have to raise money in order to materialize a big event. However, there are many ways to reduce the amount of anxiety that comes from the upcoming holidays.

Take Time for Yourself

The most important thing to realize when trying to get through the holiday season is the very normal experience of anxiety associated with an approaching holiday. Very few people are easily through the season without any pressure. Understanding that it is a natural thing and there is a solution to avoid undue stress will help you better get through the holidays. The second most important thing to remember is to take time for yourself.

The holiday season itself is actually one of the things you can enjoy. But that does not mean you can take more than yourself. In the meantime, it could be a very important thing to be able to maintain a sense of normal for yourself during the coming months and even in reducing the amount of stress that you paket honeymoon karimunjawa have felt so far. Nothing wrong if you start from now you can maintain a variety of sports programs more regular and even that you can feel. That later will be able to help you in passing the holiday season. If you currently have a regular exercise regimen, keeping track of you will continue to keep your spirits for months.

And if you do not currently have a program like that, then maybe the thing that best suits your current schedule is more useful things. Exercise itself can actually reduce stress levels in a person, and even that can also help you in improving the quality of sleep. It can also help you to be more relaxed. In the meantime, exercise during the holiday season throughout the season. Setting a time for yourself each day will help ensure your health and happiness throughout the stressful time.

Plan (and Stick to) Budget

One of the most stressful parts of the holiday season for many people is the financial aspect. Buy gifts, plan out-of-town visits to relatives, and holiday parties can come at a very expensive price. This cost, unfortunately, is usually inevitable. However, it does not have to be like stress. By creating a budget for the holiday season you can manage your spending effectively. Making sure you’re making the budget you can afford is the first effective step you can take to reduce your financial pressures. After you set your maximum budget, you must stick to it no matter what.

Social Media = Vacation Sales

Your own vacation is coming. We ourselves may not have the time and even when the holiday season is over. Marketing that existed for this indeed will in fact be a challenge but also can be one of the things that are very satisfying. You can now take advantage of your various social media to market your holiday packages. It will not only save money. But it can also be a lot easier and also very important. Social media has grown and is more relevant to your holiday marketing than ever before.

Last year, actually consumers who have spent a lot of money to billions of online shopping in the holidays and your company that can be one part of the shopping. Here are some techniques and techniques and even strategies that can help you improve your marketing techniques to social media especially during the holiday season and even that will increase your sales during this critical time of year.

1. Holiday Spirit – Use holiday pictures, icons and other graphics to show your followers, fans and friends that you are in the spirit of the holiday and ready to give. Make your social media pages and posts “feel” warm and fuzzy. Make your page a place that people want to visit again and again to experience the warmth of the holiday season.

2. Pay Forward – Better for you now is to make a certain point that can offer some of the things from the sale to the charity coffers. At least you will be able to provide various choices to customers and explain also what charity activities you will do from the money that has been paid to you. Helping others in fact will indeed be one of the most important parts of a vacation, and make sure also that you are doing it well and as much as you can.

3. Holiday Event – Events are an important part of marketing at any time of the year but can be even more important during the holidays. Who does not like a good contest or gift? Using holiday paket bulan madu karimunjawa themes can make them more fun and fulfilling. Hold a “Funny Christmas Story” contest or “The Most Unreasonable Halloween Costume Show”. Throw a holiday party and give gifts, gifts and discounts. Use your imagination and creativity and do something truly unique!

4. Holidays Countdown – You can now start counting the various days that exist during the holidays and also while giving other daily prizes. This in fact can indeed be an incentive and also a variety of special offers. You can now also provide several different sales methods that vary each day. At least you will be able to give a gift like that at Christmas campaign, but one step ahead with every holiday of the season.

5. Holiday Aid – In the meantime, right now there is nothing wrong if you can spend a little time to post various content and to be able to help your followers through various holiday seasons that may be full of stress. You can also offer ideas on how to save money, gift ideas, cooking tips, stress reducers and more. Let your followers know that you care and want to help make their vacation a little easier.

6. Vacation Engagement – People are very busy throughout the year to help encourage engagement, ask your followers to submit their best tips and holiday ideas. Ask them to vote the most helpful or innovative and offer the reward. Ask people what their favorite holiday is and what they like. Encourage your followers to share their favorite Christmas or Thanksgiving stories. Let fans share their events and holiday contests as well.

8 The great benefits of the little clove tea

Hasil gambar untuk teh cengkeh

8 The great benefits of the little clove tea
Indonesia is a country rich in spices. There are so many precious spices around you. Not only has the value of selling and taste of a classy, ​​spice is also high on healthy benefits.

After cinnamon and turmeric, there is also a clove that began ogled as a healthy food. In addition to consumed in raw form or used as a spice, cloves can also be dried and the water brewed into a kind of tea.

Curious about the health benefits? Here is the explanation as quoted from

Treating sinuses

Are you a sinus sufferer? Try to drink clove tea regularly every morning. The content of eugenol in it helps in diluting and shedding sputum.

Heals toothache

Toothache to your swollen gums can be treated with clove tea. Because clove itself has a powerful anti-inflammatory properties to stop the inflammation. Therefore if you rinse with clove tea, then the bacteria that cause toothache can disappear.

Improve digestive health

One of the benefits of clove tea for your body’s health is being able to improve digestive health. For drinking clove tea can stimulate the production of saliva that is useful to minimize acidity.

Treating skin problems

Cloves also have antiseptic properties in them. That is why drinking clove tea is effective for treating problems on your skin.

Benefits of Clove Tea for Health

Although not so familiar sounded in the ears of the community, but the fact there are many benefits of eating clove tea. One of the benefits of clove tea is it can help to cure fever.

Treating toothache

Because it is anti inflammatory, then drinking clove tea can help to relieve toothache and gums. For how to treat a toothache with clove tea is very easy. You just need to rinse with warm clove tea when your toothache is recurring. Guaranteed, the bacteria that gather in your mouth will die instantly.

Treating fever

Did you know that clove tea contains magnesium? In addition, they also contain vitamin E and K. If you suffer from fever, eating clove tea can help because it can lower body temperature. In addition, it can boost your immune level.

Stimulates the digestive system

Clove tea has one of the benefits of good health for digestion, and can minimize stomach acid. In addition, clove tea is also able to stimulate the production of saliva.

Drugs arthritis

Because it is anti-inflammatory, then you are suffering from pain in the joints because arthritis can try to compress the painful area with clove tea mixed with ice.

Solve skin problems

Cloves are antiseptic. This is why clove tea can also be effective in treating skin problems. You can actually use external clove tea on your skin to get rid of skin problems and infections.

A Better Way to Vacation

So, once in a year, you start looking at the calendar to plan some very desirable time. Jobs seem to be more demanding and you’re ready to spend some of that vacation time. If you get tired of rushing by plane or entering the car to your typical vacation spot, try making small adjustments in your family routine this year. Many of us stop in the same city and stay in the same accommodation, year after year. Holiday karimunjawa tour murah flats can give you a new experience that you did not expect.

At the moment, it seems that none of us has much money. This makes it very difficult to choose where to go. If your resources are lower, you can be afraid that you will be forced to stay in a hotel or resort of a lower quality than you like. You may sit there, try to calculate the money and consider where you should eat, just to stop under budget. If you get away from it all, you should have the best experience, regardless of how small your budget is.

You can set aside a ton of money on your vacation when you make a drink in your flat rather than go to a restaurant. Your family will appreciate well-cooked snacks compared to burgers and fries. You can always find a good balance with respect to the food you eat and the food eaten at your rest. The very good thing about your holiday flat is that it has a well equipped kitchen. You will get everything you need, at your fingertips.

All the dishes and dishes and equipment you need to serve your loved ones are available properly, and also all the utensils seem to cook the delicious food they normally use. Several times, while you are vacationing in different places, your family may not be so eager to try the food in the area. It’s just one more bonus to rent a vacation flat, you’ll be able to keep your madness happy, especially when you have younger offspring.

Holiday flats allow you the flexibility and space for yourself that you will not get when you have to stop at the hotel. Many people think that they will lose something if they live in a rented apartment compared to a full manned hotel on their vacation. What you do is up to you. You can prepare food or not cook food. You can call for delivery food or run out to get a quick meal, but you are not at all out of options, which is ideal when you are away from it all.

This holiday was a fabulous flat. No run down property or security issues when you rent a vacation flat. We have made sure that all properties are well managed and secure. When you let holiday flat, you save cash, no question about it. Almost all hotel rooms, even hotels with even worse ratings, will charge you up to ten times what you would spend on a flat holiday.

How can you be wrong with a flat rental? Instead of trying to pile kids into more or even worse places, to bed in a hotel, they can all have their own bed and in many ways, their own bedroom in your rental. Your offspring may not want to leave their new home away from home!

Why You Should Consider The Holiday Camp For Your Next Vacation?

The holiday camp offers some of the best ways to spend a family holiday. There are many holiday camps across the country that offer something for every family member and the opportunity to spend time together.

Bringing family on a beach vacation can be fun, but often the challenge is to let the kids be entertained harga paket karimunjawa every day; Relaxing on the beach for a week or two is not so fun when you are 10 years old and have endless energy.

Holiday camps offer a fun and safe atmosphere for children to explore and make friends, meaning you can relax without worry or constant pressure to entertain. Choose a park with indoor or outdoor facilities and then it should rain one day, there are still many children are amused.

Activities and facilities you can find in holiday camps include heated swimming pools for an afternoon exploring, a game room with facilities such as table tennis, swimming pool and darts to pull out magnetic stripes, clay pigeon shots and archery.

Some camps will offer fishing lakes that children and adults will enjoy and a quiet environment perfect for picnics and long summer walks. Many holiday camps allow you to bring your pet with you, which means that your dog can also enjoy the new surroundings.

The camp is self-catering, so you can even bring your own food from home with you to cook with during your stay, which means you do not have to spend more than your budget while on vacation.

Depending on the type of holiday you are looking for, you can stay in a camp that is away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy back to nature, or stay somewhere just a short drive from the city, where you can find endless entertainment and out shopping – out.

England has some really beautiful beaches. Norfolk and Suffolk have stunning coastlines, some of which are the Extraordinary Natural Beauty Area, and Westcountry boasts some spectacular cliff-lined coastlines where you can find caves and some hidden steps on the rocks that were once used by smugglers. The beach holiday camp offers a great way to explore the secluded areas of the coastline where you can find secluded coves that could be yours exclusively for today.

England is blessed with many camps for holidays so that any part of the country you want to visit, there is something for you, whether you want to explore around you or just enjoy the fun of the camp.

Benefits of Palm Sugar for Health

There are two types of sugar that is widely used and consumed by the people of Indonesia, namely white sugar and brown sugar or sugar can also be called palm sugar. In contrast to the white sugar that is shaped granules and comes from the juice of sugarcane. Palm sugar has a solid texture and rough, this sugar is made from palm juice that is processed in the traditional way. Because it has a sweet and legit taste, palm sugar is widely used to cook a variety of traditional foods.

In addition, palm sugar is also used as a sweetener food – healthy drinks. This is because palm sugar is a low-calorie sweetener so it will not cause obesity. Not only that, this typical Indonesian sugar also has many benefits that benefit the body.
Picture of Benefits of Palm Sugar

Here are some benefits of palm sugar for health, according to what is listed on As for some of them are as follows:
10 benefits of palm sugar for health

Source Antioxidants
In the palm sugar there is a lot of antioxidant content. The antioxidant content has the ability to ward off free radicals, so it can protect the body from the threat of dangerous diseases such as skin cancer.
Treat and Prevent Anemia Disease
Palm sugar has a fairly high iron content. The iron content has the ability to increase the production of red blood cells so as to treat and prevent anemia or less blood.
Boost the immune system
In the palm sugar there are some chemical elements that have the ability to launch the circulatory system, so that the function and performance of all the organs of the body becomes more optimal. Then, the chemical content in it also serves to boost the immune system.
Stabilize Cholesterol Levels In The Blood
Palm sugar has niacin content that plays a role to stabilize cholesterol levels in the blood. Niacin content also serves to smooth and maintain skin health. [1]
Improve the Digestive System
The content of niacin substances contained in palm sugar also has the ability to increase the digestive system, so the body is protected from digestive problems and can nourish the digestive organs.
Smooth Blood Circulation
One of the problems that can lead to a serious illness, namely the air circulation is not smooth. Non-fluid air circulation can cause hypertension or high blood pressure, block the circulatory tract, decrease cardiac performance and may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Warm the body
The content of nutrients and chemical elements found in palm sugar has the ability to warm the body so that body temperature remains stable and can avoid the flu.
Good for Diet
In general, people who are on a diet program tend to avoid to eat sweet foods. However, this is different from palm sugar because palm sugar can be good for the diet. Therefore, palm sugar is a low-calorie sweetener.
Treat Thrush
Back again on the content of niacin contained in palm sugar. The content of niacin has the ability to treat canker sores, how to attach enough palm sugar to the mouth that has canker sores.
Can Be Used As A Blend Of Medicinal Herbs
Palm sugar is usually widely used as a mixture of medicinal ingredients because in addition to functioning as a sweetener, palm sugar also has the ability to maximize the benefits of these medicinal herbs.

Who would have thought that in the sugar that is usually disepelehkan by many people, it turned out to have many benefits that benefit the health of the body. Moreover, in the market this type of sugar is priced at a low price per gram so no need to spend a lot of cost to get all these benefits.

Closes From On Goodness – Is It Still A Possible Vacation?

Actually this time in an ongoing PBS TV series or so-called “Closer To Truth”. This event is usually often held by many neurologists such as Robert Lawrence Kuhn. He himself has been featured in many interviews one by one as well as a discussion attended by many cosmologists, physicists, philosophers, theologians, psychologists, and so on today concerning all the Great Questions around the vast trilogy of topics – Cosmos; Awareness; God. Trilogy collectively deals with reality, space and time, mind and consciousness, alien, theology and so on and so forth. Here are some of my comments on one of the common topics covered – Is time travel possible?

# Is time travel possible? Actually I personally do not believe the time is there. Changes are there, and time is just a measurement of the rate of change. IMHO time is just a concept. Time is a mental construct that helps us adjust to change. Some cosmologists say that time is created in the Big Bang, as if time is something with substance and structure, but I challenge them to actually create some time in open trip karimunjawa front of their peers or maybe TV viewers or at least generate a theoretical equation or two that will Creating time. Meanwhile, this is the trilogy of points.

First, maybe here is the concept of time travel is one part of physics that is much more fun. Whether this is true or not. Actually to be able to find a variety of entertaining things do require a good game. Probably not in other words, such a concept will indeed make and even can force many people to be able to think more realistically.

Secondly, Einstein or even others have actually already explained that in a time course there is a theoretical reality and I myself have not even like the others so coincidentally at this time I was already able to refute various such theories. I will leave it to others who know the field inside and outside.

But the third, and most importantly, you will never really be in the future or the past, only in the future or in the past compared to where and when you are now. In other words, no matter how you sliced ​​and cooled the stuff, you are everywhere and whenever you are now or now, or in other words in the present. You can not really be in the future or in the past because you are just experiencing NOW present now. If you have to travel an hour, you will still experience the things that are included in NOW. If you sleep for an hour and then wake up, you are in a relative future when you fall asleep, but you still find yourself in NOW.

# Is time travel possible? The answer is yes or no. Yes. We can actually make a journey to the future every second. We ourselves are actually aware or not, later it will be able to keep doing this. Whether we like it or not. We ourselves can even make a journey into the future at a much faster pace during sleep or when in conscious or not. The level of our own awareness is actually indeed often changing .. You are drunk and fainted and the next thing you know you are 12 hours ahead.

To Travel Worry-Free Travel, Take Travel Agents is the Solution

Actually now there are already many travel agents that have been complete in preparing a variety of more detailed travel plans. Maybe when you have enough money, you want to be able to buy a whole package tour around India. Tour packages are actually going to be added with discounts or even not infrequently will also be subsidized because of the many channel partners that currently consists of many luxury hotels economy, companies, airlines, trains, carrier and even so forth. Not even surprised if almost all of these travel agents will be able to serve various kebutuha each other whether it be single men or women, family, or even one big club on vacation.

Most travel agents in Kolkata have expert on-board tour operators who are able to understand the delicate nuances of the travel industry and therefore personal attention is given and most of them can speak English fluently. Interested tourists can directly access a range of affordable travel packages for middle-class families who may be planning a trip to India.

And based on the various studies that exist about the various travel destinations in India today is actually already more than safe, the travel agent itself is actually now also have started to offer a variety of travel packages that are far more economical so that it will indeed be able to help you in Ensuring paket bulan madu karimunjawa more adequate funds and which are now also available to many travelers in buying hadia for people they like. Indeed there are now almost all travel agents who choose to offer to many people about value-added services, bus and car rentals such as rail and air tickets, hotel reservations and other tour and travel services at competitive rates.

Travel agents in India are managed professionally and especially for foreign tourists whether it be groups or individuals. Travel packages are priced in such a way that they fit the budget that every traveler can use. Travel agents as a business grow exponentially because of the dedication of tour teams and travel agencies. All travel agencies have channel partners across India and IT infrastructure agencies have been upgraded to offer further benefits in the coming days. The reason behind the improvement of infrastructure is to ensure that the services they offer are one-of-a-kind. Not surprisingly, hordes of foreign tourists visit India because they are happy with the services provided by travel agencies who by their own admission are truly phenomenal.

India itself is indeed a land where they will have saved a lot of wealth scattered everywhere and even often they also look almost adjacent to each other. This is actually a proof of a social and economic inequality and division. Nevertheless, this is actually one of the most desirable land to live in as they can offer a wide range of beauty in every point of view and gap. Coupled with the various mountains covered by snow in the Himalayas and the peak is so high that it can touch the sky so it seems they have gone beyond the streaks of heaven and reach for the sky. For Rishikesh in the Ganges river in northern India is the ideal place for rafting.

Goa is a much sought-after destination for those who want to bask in the sun and sunbathe or are enthusiastic about beach parties all night under moonlight and starlit sky with entertainment by the best music bands. Kerala is also a suitable location for river cruises in isolated nature in the midst of coconut trees that seem to whisper, beaches filled with white sand, elephant herds, and lush greenery everywhere that seem to woo as they pass by lazy rays. Afternoon

Benefits of Papaya Roots For Health and How to Treat It

Hasil gambar untuk akar pepaya

Who does not know this one plant is papaya. Papaya plants in Indonesia are very easy to find because papaya is one of the species of tropical plants. Soil fertility in Indonesia is quite good also makes one of the supporting factors where papaya plants are very easy to grow even when grown alone and not planted. Papaya has its own nickname in every region in Indonesia for example in Java as kates, in sunda as gedang, in sumatra as peute, rampelaya or betik, in Sulawesi called unti jawa, in Nusa Tenggara called as united and many more .

Articles related to root benefits:

Benefits of vetiver
The benefits of lotus roots
The root benefits for humans
Benefits of srikaya leaves
The benefits of cilantro

Papaya plants are one type of plant that all parts of the body from the fruit, seeds, leaves, stems and roots have health benefits and for life everyday. Therefore you should know what are the benefits of these parts of papaya plants so you can use them well. For more details you should refer to both this article.

The benefits of papaya root

One part of the papaya plant that has many benefits is the roots of papaya. The benefits that exist in the roots of this papaya may not have been widely known by people but according to experts who have done research on the roots of papaya shows that the benefits of this papaya root is very good for the body. Inside the papaya root has a cyanogenetic glycoside substance, carpain, papain, malic acid, maleic calcium, kimopapain and phytokinase. In some areas there are already using papaya roots for herbal medicine that has been done since ancient times, especially for the treatment of kidney disease. But what are the benefits of this papaya root? The following are the benefits of papaya root for health that you need to know.

Treat bladder pain

The benefits of papaya roots that you can get are to treat pain complaints in the bladder or when you feel pain during urination. This traditional medicine has been widely used by people of antiquity and powerful overcome pain in the bladder. How to make a herb from the root of papaya is as follows:


Prepare 10 grams of dried papaya root and small cut
White water 100 ml
3 cloves garlic cut into small pieces

How to make

Boil the pepaya root that has been cut and washed clean into water that has been prepared before
Wait until approximately 20 minutes to boil and water until it has shrunk by half
Then input garlic
Once cooked, remove and chill for a while
When the concoction is still warm then strain and drink water from the ingredients of the roots papaya is routinely as much as 2 times a day to get optimal results.

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Treat rheumatism

Rheumatic disease is a type of disease that many experienced by people who are elderly. This rheumatic disease is usually equated with uric acid because it is very similar. The pain of rheumatism can be very painful especially in the joints. To help relieve pain and eliminate rheumatism you can make a concoction of papaya root as an herbal remedy.


Prepare the roots of papaya as much as 30 grams
Sambiloto leaves 20 grams
Lime 20 grams
15 gram of Chinese ketapang leaves
Betel leaf 30 grams
Cayenne 6 pieces

How to make

Mashed papaya roots that have been prepared until smooth
Small slices of other materials
Then soak all ingredients using alcohol 75% to 1 week duration.
After one week then squeeze the water from the bath before and sort on the body part that suffered from the rheumatic disease suffered
Perform regular sequencing as much as 3 times a day and when you experience rheumatic pain relapse for more optimal results.

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Treating kidney disease

Kidney disease is one type of disease that is harmful to the body. This is because the kidney is one of the organs whose role is very important where the task is as filter poison and other harmful substances from food and from other substances that enter into the body. If the kidney function is disturbed then automatically the body as a whole will also come disturbed and this is certainly not a good news for you. According to experts, papaya root is able to treat kidney disease more powerful and fast with the content of the substance in it. You can also make a herb from the root of papaya as follows.


Root of papaya 20 gram
Roots of reeds of 20 grams

Express Yourself With Flowers



A blossom could say a thousand things without in fact claiming anything! Blossoms might be motionless but have a language of their very own. They convey an entire gamut of emotions which also words might find difficult to put through. The view and odor of flowers is irresistible and just what they show is irreplaceable.

For any kind of as well as every occasion, be it birthdays, wedding anniversaries, engagements or new arrivals, blossoms could be provided as a gift without thinking twice. One thing is without a doubt, it will certainly resemble by the recipient. Who does not such as flowers? We understand that every person does as well as thus no other present could be as appropriate as a number or arrangement of blossoms. Your enjoyed ones will enjoy you even more for it!

Blossoms can be talented in different kinds and setups based on the occasion and also your requirement. Be it a straightforward number, through an arrangement or in a basket, flowers look appealing in every attire that they are provided in. They could be prepared bearing in mind the different colour mixes and also styles, making it suitable for design purposes also!

What a blossom reveals as a gift is a subjective issue. A number of red roses is a perfect accompaniment to a heart heating proposal that you make to your sweetheart! In case, its friendship that’s on your mind, a bouquet of yellow roses will do the needful and share the message also without you needing to utter a word! Blue carnations suffice to make a sick person really feel alright and some sunflowers in the early morning are sure to earn your entire day brilliant and also warm!

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